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I was born in Le Mans city, I was rocked by the sound of a racing car arriving on the straight line of the legendary HUNAUDIERE road, I love this circuit, with the smell of burnt oil, the melody of the sound of the engines following the car marks, the brake discs which illuminate with bitumen at the Arnage bend. And I'm not describing to you when we have the chance to attend the MANS CLASSIC RACE? IT'S JUST AWESOME.

Gentlemen specialists of "Italo-American Lady's",

I thought, is it possible to keep my carburettor with my original intake manifold but without using by condannant the EGR valve and the EPS valve, while having a car that works properly? Because it would allow me to keep the car in its original state by limiting the modifications.
Thank you for your support.



650 cfm is not too big and gives you the possibility of one day fitting a slightly more efficient camshaft if you want to take advantage of your GTS type headers.

On the other hand, it is preferable, as Dipascale said, to choose an electric starter and for your use, vacuum secondaries seem more suitable to me than mechanical secondaries.

Gentlemen, hello,
As I told you, I received my DOAE-9425-L intake manifold, with intake passage axle spacings which are identical to those of my future 4777-7, 4150, cfm650 HOLLEY carburetor. But my problem is that on my carburetor I have 4 diameters with a value of 42.5 mm, while on my manifiold intake I have 2 diameters at 42 mmm and the other 2 diameters at 38.5 mm , mensionned green circled !!!!!!! (see the dimensions of the carburetor in black color and the dimensions of the intake manifold in red color in the 2 attached photos).
Can be machined using a milling machine, should I enlarge these 2 diameters from 38.5 mm to 42 mm ????
On the other hand there is a groove that I circled in red on one of the 2 photos, what is its function? Will this match with my carburetor? If not what should you do?

Last question where can I find seals, the one between the carb. / intake and the one the intake / engine body?

Thanks for your help


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  • modification machining  intake manifold
  • Modification machining intake manifold size

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