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An Italian company named Marvic Wheels srl reproduces the 10x15 Campy wheels in cast magnesium.

Link: Marvic Wheels

I communicated via email with Silvia Framba. Their price for the 10x15 Campy wheels is currently €1,550.00 each (both short rib & long rib wheels can be reproduced, they are priced the same). Silvia estimated €200.00 shipping for a pair of wheels to Ventura. Total cost would be €3,300.00 for a pair of 10x15 wheels, currently equivalent to $3,839.00 US dollars, shipped to a US address.

Their terms are 40% at the time of order, the balance before shipping. Delivery takes 8 to 10 weeks.

FYI their price for the 8x15 Campy is €1,350.00 each.

Here's the wheel dimensions



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Originally posted by George P:
Here's a pic

Just for info, the same wheels in shape are also made by Roin industries in Italy, they are not Magnesium but aluminium. I bought a pair and am very pleased with them.

The casting like the Marvic rim is very sharp and not rounded like the OEM Campagnolos. On close inspection they do appear different to the wheels on the car, until it moves of course.

Roin were also MUCH cheaper too.
Originally posted by C. Engles:
Dear Peter,

What is the contact information for Roin and what was your cost for a set of their wheels?

Curious, Chuck Engles

Chuck I bought a pair of rear 10" wheels and used the old 8" campagnolo's on the front wheels.

The rears were 800 Euro each, size 10X15.

I ordered the wheels through.

Mr Andrea Ronin.

Tel +390458779288

E mail info@rointechnology.it


Roin Technology
Via Monti Berici, 4
37057 San Giovani Lupatoto
Verona Italy.

They did not ask for a deposit, and I paid when I received their invoice. also paying 50 euros for shipping the 2 wheels to England.

the only question they asked was, did I want them painted or unpainted.

Georges comment is a sad testament to some customers we deal with. I can only report that my dealings with Andreas were concise with good comms and a product I was so pleased with.

But I have also been given the very cold shoulder and understand that its more than disappointing, I asked a certain American Vendor by email if he would supply me 2 sets of diff bolts that could be wired up, yes was the reply, I called him on the phone with payment details and have heard nothing more despite more emails again with no reply.

I really dislike being negative. I asked myself do I keep quiet, or allow the members to be informed and cautious? I would hope everyone doing business with Roin has the same experience as Peter, and that my experience was due to the alternate wheel size I was inquiring about.

€800.00 per wheel, plus the same €200.00 shipping, places the total price for a pair of Roin 10x15 wheels at $2,080 for a pair of wheels shipped to a US address. Compared to $3839 for the Marvic wheels. I would personally prefer an aluminum alloy wheel over a magnesium wheel. The trade-off is a bit more weight for a more durable and less fussy wheel.

Mr Fiat's p.n. RS-PANTER-001 wheels are supposedly manufactured by Roin. A pair of them shipped to a US address is currently $2,890. $800 more than dealing direct with Roin. Still $1000 less than the Marvic wheels.

Judging from the picture below which I ripped from the Mr. Fiat web site I'd say the Marvic wheel and the Roin wheel are very close in appearance (they appear identical).



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I contacted Marvic and Roin last year regarding 10“ wheels. Their response was prompt and courteous. Be aware that prices may be quoted with and without local sales tax. Quotes include local sales tax when the final destination of the goods is a european country.
Quotes exclude sales tax when goods are shipped to the U.S. The recipient will have to pay customs and probably local sales tax.
Be aware that Mr.Fiat´s advertised prices include customs charges. Check total price before ordering goods directly in Europe. You may be better off buying from the authorized distributor, especially if you have a warranty claim. It is common practice that the manufacturer will not sell goods retail if he has made a deal with a distributor in the area. Maybe no response from Roin directly as Mr. Fiat is the sole distributor for Roin in the U.S.?
I also emailed with Roin and they were responsive and had no problem selling me wheels directly and much cheaper than Mr. Fiat. Ultimately, I bought a new set of Gotti 3-piece wheels from them. Be aware that none of these wheels are legal in the US. Customs got my Gotti's and impounded them until I would agree to state they were only being used for "display purposes" and that once done with the display, would be scrapped. Games we play to buy stuff I guess. Mr. Fiat removes those games for a nice fee of $800. Also, I did not pay any customs fees or sales tax. Gotti even did the transation via Paypal.
Originally posted by George P:
You guys who have purchased these 10x15 reproduction wheels, how about posting some pictures of your cars with the wheels mounted?

George I was elated when I last read through the thread of how to post a pic.
I did it and was now in the 21st century, until it said "your picture is too large to post"

that was me done for, I will try and post a pic to chuck he has put pics up for me before, fingers crossed

Dumbo Peter.

Ok found one picture with the Roin 10s on the rear of my mock-up Pantera, original 8s on the front but couldn’t live with them not matching, so I have now purchased new Roin 8s but as the car is still being converted to RHD I have not fitted these yet.



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Thanks Richard.

Peter: I've made this offer many times, you and everyone else are welcome to send your pictures to me ( info@panterainternational.com ) if you're finding it a challenge to post them.

This will no longer be an issue when we transition to the new HOOP.LA forum platform.
Maybe its because they're unsafe to use? IMHO, three piece bolt-together wheels are race-only and do not belong on a heavy street car. Hall made some in their 'Ultra' line for Panteras and now a decade later, the inner halves are cracking circumferentially under the inner bead. The most likely part to let go is the inner rear half as that's the highest load area in a Pantera. It's also one of the less easily inspected for cracks. The small shop that made them for Gary has passed on as has Hall himself. There are no spares and no one to call. The aluminum alloy used to spin the halves has proven to be not weldable. EVOD Industries in So-Cal can make up individual halves that fit; they will be stamped 'RACING USE ONLY'. I've sent three owners of cracked Ultra wheels to them and the new spun part is NOT cheap!

I've also been present when riveted-together three-piece Centerline drag race wheels have broken catastrophically at tracks. With those wheels, the lightweight centers, never designed for cornering loads, broke the lugnut center free of the rest of the wheel at speed. The rim, half the center and the tire passed one car on the track while the driver became very, very busy. Use ANY 3 piece wheel on the street at your own risk!

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