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I didn't take any engine shots yesterday, but here are some from during the build. It's a 2002 Winston Cup casting (358 motor) rebuilt in 2011 with Rouch-Yates C3 heads. Current rev limit is 7500rpm. Made 700hp @ 7000rpm and 500 lb-ft @ 6300rpm on the engine dyno. Makes 730hp at 8000rpm but we went with a lower rev limit to avoid rebuilds every 40 hours.

Wow. Wild cat is an understatement. That motor with no silencing at all must be amazing in person. It sounds fantastic from Ron's videos.

Interesting deletion of the engine bay cross brace. I'd like to see the way Ron braced it underneath and through the cage. I also like the modified dash with the pods closer together. I hope that you and Ron post a build gallery. All it really lacks is Group 4 tail lights.

Looks like a car everyone involved in can be extremely proud of. Great work!

Mark, we have 2 sets of pipes for the engine - the videos you saw were with the silencers on (see pic below). We will use the straight pipes on track.

The engine bay does have cross bracing - not clear in the picture because it's painted black. Ron also seam welded much of the engine bay for added chassis stiffness. I'll let Ron fill you in on exactly what he did - I just drive the thing, Ron keeps it alive :-)

Also, while Ron and I talked about documenting the build, I have small children and Ron had just started his new shop, so finding time to capturing the build in images went to the bottom of the to do list pretty fast. That being said, here are pictures I do have. Pardon the crappy cellphone picture quality.

I bought the car as a rolling chassis from Nelson Wood via Chuck's excellent registry. This is the car when we picked it up:

And here's the car in various stages of the build:

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