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I found these bits of red rubber under the goose a few days ago...

I have a pretty good idea what it is, but I'm curious as to what others think it came from.

Curved red rubber, quite brittle, piece is about an inch long with an indention near one end.





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From the red color (I can't quite see the decal on your shock), it appears to be a Koni- not stock on a 'Goose but maybe better. Their American store on the East Coast stocks parts and bumper rubbers are cheap. Note front and rear shocks use different length rubbers and sometimes, different durometers. To install them, Koni's upper shock eye unscrews so the bumper rubber can be slipped on the shaft. It keeps your shock from metal-to-metal contact over big bumps, which can completely destroy a shock. They also have a service center for rebuilds but that is NOT cheap.

FYI, those are Koni shocks, but not Koni (or DeTomaso) bump rubbers. I cannot confirm the exact source, but some Koni shocks for Ferraris used a Ferrari sourced bump rubber that is identical to that. 
In any case, bump rubbers are easy to find the appropriate and much improved ones, in either the US or Australia. PM if you would like sources.

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