Does anybody know where I could find this in Europe?
MrFiat has it but before I pay a lot of customs I'd like to find it localy.

Thanks, Jochen



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The image is not visible, but perhaps reach out to Roland Jaeckel, although he sold all his parts, he may be able to point you in the right direction.

I bought one of these from them and was happy with the quality. It fit my housing just fine; my old one was intact but had shrunk over the years.


if you still have yours SOAK it in silicon oil for some days, then you can streach it to least it worked for mine..

regards from Stuttgart


I've added the photo but you guys already know what I'm after. ;-)

Matthias, danke, but mine is damaged.

I'll ask Roland, but if somebody still knows where I could get it....

thanks, Jochen

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