...whoever bought this car must really love the Mangusta‚Ķ! I'm wondering if the rate of decline in the last 10 years (since being discussed here) sitting outside has been more rapid than the increase in value of a finished car...Best of luck to the new owner. 

IF one were to "dip" this car, to remove rust......how much would be left to rebuild?????

IMHO, anyone who buys this car for over scrap value (or over 5 figures) is out of their mind.   The ZF would need to have just about every gear replaced, as anything not immersed in 90W is ultimately junk.  Same for the engine......sleeves could be used......  I love the 2V intake and carb!

All of the switches and gauges are certainly piles of oxide on the inside....

About all that I see as worthy....are the windows, window frames (brass?), anything alloy or magnesium has a small chance..... and thick cast iron...seat buckets might be OK,

Every picture that you look at just reveals surface after surface after surface which needs to be cut away and replaced!  The frame rails are already made of tin foil......now there is little left of that but for a scaly rust surface of ferrous oxide that will shatter in to a pile of "crunchy" when disturbed.....    I grew up with "disappearing" cars.......slowly being eaten by metal worms........ holes in the floor that you can see the road pass by underneath....... Just say no!

It would be far easier just to start with a blank pallet of flat steel, and build a Goose from the ground up! There would be far less crap on your floor!! ))  ....and less feeling of despair!

Again, just my humble opinion.  Not for me.....


I would tend to believe your thoughts also......except for the 2 year thing.........unless it was a herd of craftsmen working on it daily.....and at what cost...........?   You had better have some SERIOUSLY COMMITTED workers on this one....... otherwise, you will simply have yet another Goose sitting for another 30 years......and we already can see two of these "kit" cars for sale online at this very moment.......both in FAR better condition (if you can believe everything you read....! ))   )

You also have the argument of how "original" the car would be after "rebody-ing" the entire car...... This practice is severely frowned upon with US high dollar Mustangs like the Boss 302/429 and Shelbys......but US sheet metal panels typically have date codes stamped in them making it easier to tell if the car is proper when matched up with a "build date" from a Marti report!     Later sheet metal dates on everything, than the build date= fraud,.....generally.  Gooses have no dates on sheet metal....all hand made.....so could be repaired and passed off as original.........the engine components, brake calipers, windows, and electrical switches usually have dates on them, so they cant be faked easily.....

Nothing I would love better, than to see the owner of this particular project car put together a web page to follow the build down and build up of one of these spectacular cars!!!  Take us all on an "it can be done" journey through pictures.......   Roger B. has been doing that with a Goose in the UK, progress updates posted in the UK DeT Club's magazine......body is finally in paint! Soon!


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