Hi everybody

i'm actually buying a goose project car. The car has no interior, no seats. Is there anybody in the forum who has an original old interior or old seats for a goose?
That would be great.

I'm also looking for rear bumpers, the air conditioning unit in the engine bay,
the 2 heat plates above the engine,
the 2 windows in the back and front window and the the spare rim.

Chris Back / Switzerland
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Congrats Chris, and welcome to the Mangusta Owner Club!

I made patterns and replacements for my door panels and rear firewall panels and can share the details with you off-line. I look forward to seeing the progress!

Mark says :

"Its not Alcantara....The Dino stuff is correct."

I tend to think this is possibly/probably correct, but on F-chat, a similar thread starts:

"I am restoring several cars, and one of them a, DeTomaso Mangusta has a mouse fur dash. I am having trouble finding the correct mouse fur..it is NOT like the Daytona/Dino.

If anybody has found or received samples of Ferrari mouse fur that is INCORRECT, please let me know who the bastard is who sold it to you. Maybe I can buy some that is correct for my car, and everybody is happy."

So, Mangustas had Dino mousefur or something different than Dino mousefur? There seems to be some consensus that "Henk" in Europe sells Dino mousefur that is quite accurate- should it be accurate for our cars??
596 had a leather top to the dash. The other Geese I have seen in person are the same. This is the first time I am seeing/hearing about Alcantara on a Mangusta. That being said, it's not a bad idea. Probably cuts down on reflection/glare.

If you are searching for factory parts, PI Motorsports in California has an original Mangusta dashboard assembly.
all european mangustas i've seen had mouse hair on top of the dashboard.

I already had contact to PIM - but I'll send Jerry a second email...

The only thing I don't need (interior) is the dashboard - it's complet and all gauges and switches are restored.

I have a picture of my goose (interior) mady in the 80-ies - it's white and on top is the mouse hair.



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Originally posted by M!ke H.:
I've got a spare set of the heat shields that go over the headers


Hi Mike
are you talking about the heat covers (see picture)?


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