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So got back from our trip across the country (US) about 6 months ago and decided to video log (vlog) the re-assembly of my car. I've put the first episode up as I'm trying to "catch up" to where we are today. I didn't have a lot of footage initially so there is some voiceover and slideshow in the first two episodes, but going into the future episodes there will be more videologging style on the channel. I've got some friends with some really nice projects so hopefully incorporate their builds as well. Would love to hear any constructive feedback anyone may have.. If you can subscribe and help me support this venture, videography and editing consumes a lot of time. Hopefully I can learn and also give back to the pantera community through this to some degree.

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Subscribed as well. I'm in the last week (I hope) of a 3.5 year upgrading of my red 1972 Pantera, so it's great to see what someone else has done. I simply was never driving my car any longer, because it involved too much planning just to get in and drive it. It couldn't be over 80F, I'd have to take the air cleaner off to dump fuel into the carb to get it started, and various other maladies that made me not want to bother when I could hop into my 600hp Jag XKR, not worry about any of those problems, and just enjoy myself. So my "journey" was originally just going to be to swap out fuel injection for the carb, but that turned into a new built 351C, new seats, a complete leather interior including the dash, seats, console, firewall, door panels, seat belt harnesses, etc., new high volume fans (already had the Fluidyne radiator), new flush glass windshield, a complete respray (even though it really didn't need it), headers and exhaust system, and now the little bits of the interior pieces are the last things holding it up for a few more days. I look forward to seeing your build, and I'll post some of my pictures after I get mine back. I am aching to take my cat for a nice, long, drive, it's been so long. Can't wait to see more of your build thread.
thanks guys for subscribing. i'm embarrassed to admit how long its been since I've driven the car, so I definitely get it. my ambition and time available to get the project done over the last 5 years just went different directions. The motivator has been to see so many projects on here get done that are well beyond anything i'm trying to accomplish. i'd love to do a full resto, but thats not in the books. Just don't have the facilities to do it and so an engine transplant is where i'm starting. i'll get another episode up in the coming days.

This will be a new experience to say the least, but i will try to detail as much as I can without turning this into a snail race.
Chris, I took the liberty of imbedding your fist video. Its easy to do.

I will eventually move this topic (thread) to a more suitable forum, perhaps the video forum, or the specific De Tomaso info forum. One that people looking for new content tend to search within. I'll figure it out, until then we'll let it ride right here.

Fuel injection is a great upgrade Thumbs Up!

Best wishes with the endeavor.

BTW - what's your Pantera's chassis number?
Thanks for doing that George, I should have taken the time to go over the post more, but have been distracted to get things going. That works for me, appreciate the heads up. I toiled over doing the fuel injection but realized it was something that would help me enjoy the car more. It likely would have taken me years later to get to the bottom of the previous builder installing a windsor thermostat anyway Smiler 3075 is the chassis
Thanks UFO, yeah I will take a look at that. I've had problems in the past with the sound loudness, but it was mostly the cameras weak mic. Part of the deal is the video gets compressed when uploaded to youtube and the levels are altered. That and everyone has different sound settings on their personal devices, but I will take a look at the sound loudness on the next video's sound output level. Wondering if others are having a similar problem?

I will see if I can get something up on the facebook, I don't use facebook, but can likely figure a way to make a post. I will also put a link in to the instagram account I am more regularly posting to for folks to follow.

Ok one year later I'm going to try this again   Feel free to provide any criticism, constructive or not, or just follow along.  I ended up mostly posting on instagram, but this time I'm going back to YouTube. I finished it last year only to get about 1000 miles on the refreshed motor before a valve snapped a few months after the build which trashed a cylinder and a head pretty bad.  Me and my prior now-retired machinist missed the fact that the titanium exhaust valve stems were pressed aluminum while the intake stems were pressed steel.  Basically I didn't have lash caps on them.  Either way the heads are repaired but I have more in the works.  I'm building another spare motor with SVO heads as well so the vlogs should keep getting interesting.  Trying to keep the 351c scene alive.



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Thanks Larry, love comments, good or bad, will help me improve the content.  I won't always get super detailed on aspects of the build considering I need this to appeal to a broad audience beyond the pantera community as we bring in other cars to the channel, but I will do my best to answer any questions in the channel as well.  Thanks for the support!

simon posted:


what electrick winch are you using into the video ?


that is a simple harbor freight badlands 3500lb atv winch.  use a 20% off coupon and you can get it for roughly $100.  i wanted something small but had the weight capacity without a snatch block to pull a pantera onto the trailer.  I liked being able to store the winch setup in the truck so it wouldn't be exposed to the weather or theft.  a front mounted winch on my truck wouldn't help me in these situations and a winch capable of pulling my super duty would be fairly expensive and its not something i anticipated using often.  so building the portable winch made sense for me and someone could borrow it if needed for small jobs like this.

i may do another video just on the winch setup, that was my first time with the head cam to free myself of holding the camera to get the job done while weather cooperated.  the camera wasn't pointing low enough and a lot of the footage i did get made me seasick reviewing it, so a learning experience and i will use it sparingly in future videos.

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osofast posted:

That's a nice looking set up Hustler. How do you like the EFI with the single plane intake? Is that a Strip Dominator? Opps just saw your video, that is a E331 then.


Thank you!  I enjoy programming the EFI, and yeah that manifold is a Roush A331.  I had it converted to MPFI by Keith Thompson at  Before the carb guys blast me for hacking up a rare intake, it already had alcohol injection bungs on it when I got it , so those were cut off and the angle of the injector bungs were changed to get a better shot toward the back of the valve.  Keith knows what he is doing.

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