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When I sat in my Pantera before dismantle I noticed that the steering wheel was low, almost touching my legs. I do not like that and I was already thinking of a way to sort it, like a more dished steering wheel. That would bring the steering wheel shorter to my chest but also higher. 

After dismantling the interior and cleaning I found THIS:


It is welded poorly and that scares me already but why would someone do this?



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Looks like a beginners arc weld class. Probably trying to not set the car on fire while avoiding pulling the dash or removing wires. You'd have to examine the  actual cars- pushbuttons had lots of differences to the production models. Maybe the various Parts Manuals would show something (there are 4 different  in the POCA Archives).

Inside the steering shaft assembly is a plastic bushing that often cracks/ wears out so there's another thing to check & maybe replace with metal. And there's a thin poly shim inside the collapsible coupling under the dash that's always missing, so the steering is always a bit loose.  Drilling clear thru for a cotter pin fixes the looseness and since cotters are mild steel, will shear in a big enough collision so the OEM safety aspect more or less remains.

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