I will come up someday Peter. I've never been to Charlie Lake. I'd love to hang out and sample the roads.

I have a request, I'd like that cute mounty to arrest me and take me back to her place for questioning.

HOw about the rest of you guys....I guess California, British Columbia and Hawaii are the only places with interesting roads.

...but what we really need is more Panteras to even things up a little.


Careful what you wish for..it looks like there could be two more real soon....My son wants to start the next school year in Calgary.

OK. I'm thinking. Carefully. And it only hurts a little bit... Yup, I still wish you would move to Calgary, Julian! Big Grin

Oh, and before I forget, I should clarify that many of the photos I posted on this thread were actually taken in Alberta and not just British Columbia as George assumed in his post above. The snow covered mountains in the photos are less than an hour's drive from Calgary.

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