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It might not be exactly what it is ment to be discussed here, but by now many has been on the topic of wheel and tire sizes. By looking around here you will find enough info to make that sort of choises, BUT what should I chose regading style when I in a short while will need to order som new rollers?

Please post a few photos of the more unusual wheels out there!

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I'm old school, I like the orignal Campys on narrow body Panteras & the 10 spoke Campys on wide bodies, painted the original greyish color, not polished aluminum. However ...

I'm not old school when it comes to sizes, so until somebody reproduces the Campys in 20 x 12 rear & 18 x 9 front, I'll run this wheel, which I specified because it will be easy to maintain; no polished aluminum, no exposed hardware (its a 3 piece wheel), 7 large easy to clean spokes painted to match the body color of my Pantera & a chrome plated rim.


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Mark Green compiled quite a number of photos of wheels.

I have added them to my site. I am still organizing them and adding wheel or tire information, but if you know the name/style/size/source/owner etc... of a wheel let me know and I'll add the information.

This should give people thinking about wheel options something to review and compare.

Chuck Melton
Originally posted by Cowboy from Hell:
Hey Paul ... your Pantera is rippin'!

Not bad for an Aussie Wink

The rest of you guys, 17" is old school. My mother's car has 17" wheels, and she's 88. LOL Razzer

You guys need to put bigger rotors in your brakes to make your wheels look right now. Looks like you need about 14 1/2" rotors up front and, oh maybe 16" rear rotors. Making them out of carbon fiber ceramic is real in thing to do now a days too. Don't forget the red six piston calipers too, they look just dandy winking out from your wheels too.

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