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Originally posted by mistersolo:
Forgestar F14's will make you a custom offset wheel and supply hub centering rings. I went with 25mm offset f/r. The wheels are the least expensive option I've found to get the max tire sizes to fit on a narrow body car short of buying used. Thru Jurrian at ModBargains the wheels were $1500 and they took 4 weeks to get.

I checked the Forgestar website, and could not find F14 18X12 with less than +36mm offset? (+36mm to +68mm)
Yep, Augustaboy is right. Got them from Vintage wheels. I always liked the look of the GT-40 wheels from the 1960's. So I wanted the exact replica wheels to put on my GT5-S. The design of the original GT-40 Wheels were 15" diameter. The wheels I ordered were 18" wheels. As the diameter enlarges the wheel pattern gets distorted, and I had to learn that lesson the hard way. I was extremely disappointed when my wheels arrived because that is not at all what I wanted. I still don't understand why they can't keep the same wheel pattern even on a larger diameter wheel. But it's done now, so I need to live with it. However, once the wheels got put on the car they didn't look so bad. Now I actually like the look.

Just an update regarding the Billet Specialties Street Lite wheels I got some time ago. I wasn´t completely satisfied at first with how they came out on the car. Couldn´t really put my finger on it. A very expensive experiment! Anyway, gave it some thought and realised the setup needed much lower profile front tires, for aesthetic purposes Smiler These are 225 35 17 (not easy to find, it turned out)(rear 335 35 17). Now I suddenly love the look Sweet

Wheels are 17x11 and 17x8 with 6 and 5" of backspacing respectively.


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Originally posted by Piney:
checked the overflow tank coolant level - empty! Ok, fill her up, and out on the floor comes the coolant... Bottom is completely rusted out. Thumbs Up!

Well, on the bright side, the "overflow" function is working perfectly! Time for some new polished stainless tanks.

I'm liking the look of this car (third post down on page 7 of this thread). I like the (seemingly 20" rear wheels) with 16 or 17" fronts. I'm flareless as well, and this car looks pretty "hot rod" with the big wheel stagger.

Presently I have PI wheels, 17x8 front and 17x12 rear with 335 rear tires.

I have enough clearance between the tire and fenderwell that I don't think I'd need to cut on my body to add flares, or run a wider offset combo that stuck out past the body.

Adding flares is a consideration (fiberglass, riveted flares).

I just know I want more stagger, and as wide of a tire as I can get for the rear.

Trying for a different look.

Just throwing ideas out there, willing to trade my PI wheels and tires (perfect condition) for something different possibly.

I'm going to be doing my decklid and rear cover in satin black like on this car.

Also not opposed to lowering the car a tad more too.

Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Weld Stars, I think.

Ugly, I think.
Do you think I could find these wheels in the sizes I need?

'm wanting to increase "wheel rake" by going 18" or 19" in the rear and 17" in the front.

Non flared car, not sure about offsets, I need to research that, but I'd love to run the old-style BBS 3 piece wheels I had on my porsche


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...Page 7, 3rd Post, those look like 'Weld Racing' 'Alumi-Star II', Or Very Similar. I think the Stance is 'Spot-On Gorgeous'!! I have the 'Original' Alumi-Stars in the Rear, but not quit That Much...It's Called a RAKE!!
And just FYI...If the Rear should be lower than the Front..That's called a 'Power Dump'!

Look at the Pantera Race Cars in Europe!
That's How they RACE them, HUGE Tires In Back...tiny in the Front! And the Wheels are kept Small, so the Tire 'Wall' Remains High/Large.

They Know Something MOST of You Don't!!
Such as...BIG DIAMETER Wheels and Low Sidewall Tires, don't 'Forgive' very well, nor absorb shock, along with a Dozen Other factors. Why do You think They DON'T use that set-up in NASCAR Racing??!!

But if your just going for Showing-off, then Skies the limit!

...But, I Know!!"...What 'I' Think, Means Nuts!"
That pic is of the rear wheel off my Porsche race car, 18x13 with very low profile, and it was insanely fast. Set some records at Sears Point and Thunderhill back in the day under the PO's owner and drivership.

I do know what you mean though, low pro isn't always the best handling. Look at F1 cars!

My car is mainly for looks and maybe track days, so I'm going for the right look, and then going to get what I get on track.

I'm still going to run the same "cheater slicks" that I'm already running in 335x35x17.

I just want to go 345x30x18 or 19 in the rear, with no outer tire diameter change.

I saw some vids of HRE wheels, 10G's for a wheelset is a bit steep for me.

I'm hoping there's something out there that's reasonable.
Truly nice wheels, excellent to have this as an option.

Here's another link: Foose Wheels - Pantera

Looks like a work in progress. Hopefully color options & size options will be forthcoming. Since its a 3 piece wheel just about anything should be possible.

I may consider them for 6018. The decision is ... 17 front/19 rear, 18 front/19 rear, or 18 front/20 rear. The 18/20 set I previously had on 6018 sure looked good.

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