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DeTom said: Don't forget the red six piston calipers too, they look just dandy winking out from your wheels too.

...Yes, Brembo's with the De Tomaso script like the Si's and not forgetting drilled rotors of course.

Any wide bodied cars with Wilkinson's 6" dished 10-spokes on the rear and 4" dished up front all painted in campag grey?

I'm sure many of you know this Aus Pantera. Wheels were custom made there.

79 Longchamp GTS 3061
Going with fender flares and new offsets.

Say it isn't so Chris! Your car is so beautiful as it is. Lean and mean, just as God and Tom Tjaarda intended. But, it is YOUR car, so make it what you want. Just don't throw away the original fender lips once you cut them out. Someone else (or a future owner of your car) may need them someday to return it to its proper svelte body.
Originally posted by v8capri:
Originally posted by Boyd 73 L:

I just ordered 19x12 rear rims and 18 x 9.5" front rims and I AM PLANNING ON USING THE SAME NITTO INVOS 255/35/ZR 18 AND 345/30/19. iREALLY LIKE THEY WAY THEY LOOK ON YOUR CAR . HOW DO THEY HANDEL? Do you do any track drivimg or just street? I appreciate your feedback. My email address is
; V* Capri aren't those tires the Nitto INVO's ?

Yes they are.
For what I wanted they work fine, i just wanted matching tread pattern. Yes bigger brakes would be nice, but it would only be for looks ! the std brakes work fine for me.
Originally posted by Pantera 4134:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Pantera 1887:
Always loved the look of stock Pantera wheels but with no Z rated 15” tires available the

"Z" rated ?
What rating do you need for a car that never goes more thn 5 miles from home and hits a max of 25MPH ? Wink

Merry Christmas Mike !

Well Jeff you never know when you might need to choose off on another Pantera with H rated tires!!

Hope you and the family have a great new year.

Originally posted by RobertVegas:
Believe it or not, this is the only shot I have that shows my wheels up close-ish. They are 17s and are available from PI Motorsports. I love them and think they will look great in black.

Here is the side view:

- Robert


I remember reading about about your trials and tribulations getting your car repaired and color changed, but I think that it looks great in the pictures.

...even without the window dressing...
Any wide bodied cars with Wilkinson's 6" dished 10-spokes on the rear and 4" dished up front all painted in campag grey?

I know you're thinking of more of a stock look, but I thought I'd throw mine in here, maybe to help spawn ideas. Mine have dark, metallic centers. They also have the rolled lip in a brushed finish:

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Silly person that I am, I JUST discovered this thread. My eyeballs hurt from boinging in and out so much. Great stuff.

As you may recall, I'm a psycho for originality (looks-wise) but I must say, some great stuff here. The Aussie GR4 with the massive Goose style wheels took my breath away.

I only have the Campy 8s and 10s, downright pedestrian in this group, but what can I say?
Easy Larry, easy......

Now just think about this -- you're at Riverside in the seventies and people are going down the quarter mile and this guy pulls up to the tree with this car -- while everyone else has GTOs, Chevelles, Mustangs -- you see where I am going with this. So in that light -- the Goodyear Eagles may not be right for the street, but damn, on the quarter mile track is where it is at.

I have never seen a set of rims for a Pantera I actually like other then the 15" Camp's and the Gr4 racing wheels. To me the larger rim has never looked right on the car. The way rims are built today just don't give the depth old cast wheels did and many of the shiny wheels today look like MR T's jewelry and I simply can't get my head around them. They make me think of "Autozone".

I would love to see a 15-16" cast wheel with some of the original depth campy or not.
A few years back, I came across a website. It was called the Panteraplace, and there it was a car that in every way looked so right, and it had the "original" wheels in what I think is the perfect size (front and rear) to the car, and gave just the right amount of modern flare to the car to bring it up to date. That car is the reason I again (after a few years only looking towards Lambos) started to look into Panteras, and OPS, I bought me one last year.....
I have a question about back spacing
The car is a 71 Narrow body with mostly stock suspension
I would like to go with a 18 inch wheel front and back, fronts something like a 225/35ZR18 with a 8 inch wide rim, rear 275/40ZR18 with a 9 inch wide rim
I am concerned that the fronts will have tire rub and the rears I would like a deep dish rim that pushes the tire to the wheel lip.
Can anyone suggest proper back spacing for the rims?
Welcome here Q-K. There are lots of various wheel options and threads here. If you search "wheel offset" using the forum search, you will find a wealth of information that will likely impact your decision. The best approach might be to find the car that looks exactly how you want yours to appear and ask that owner for his wheel details. Personal preference plays a huge amount, as of course does proper fit. Too wide will cause issues on the fronts (not so much an issue on the rears), but what you propose should be fine. The rears you plan may be on the narrow side considering many of us are running anything from 295 up to 335 widths (I have 295/50/15 on 10" wide Campys plus a set of 335/35/17 on 11" wide repro wheels and both fit the rear perfectly, especially when the stock spacers are removed from the springs.

Please start a thread with some details and photos of your car. It looks pretty nice from the avatar.

On max-width front wheels & tires on unflaired '71-'75 Panteras:
First, some (maybe most) Panteras are slightly asymmetric: the front suspension construction may cause a right side wheel to protrude as much as an inch outside the fender, while the same wheel will be slightly INSIDE the left fender. This is also influenced by what shocks and springs the car has, whether the OEM DOT headlight-height spacers are in place or have been removed, whether the car normally carries a passenger and/or 100 lbs of cargo -e.g- the ride height has been altered, plus your driving habits: do you make sharp turns at moderate speeds as in autocross, or are you more of an around-town driver?
If you routinely use the car's top end capabilties (150-170 mph), it's recommended to add roughly twice the max-possible caster in the front suspension for stability. This pulls both tire tops backward as much as 1/2", which changes all the above contact points- some for the better, some worse.

So do not buy any wheel unless you get return privileges if it doesn't fit your particular Pantera and you're not willing to make a little clearance in a number of areas. Normally, mounting a tire voids the return possibilities of any wheel, even if the car never rolls a ft, on it.

Second- in tight turns, expect to slightly modify any Pantera in which you add max-width front tires. With 10-1/2" wide tread tires (245-50x XX), in tight turns, the main contact points are:
*the center 14" of both fender's outside lips need rolling under, per factory recommendations in '74
*the front inner fender panels near the bottom of the panel, by the radiator base
*the cowl drainpipes
*the center rear of the inner fender near the brake hose mounts
*the right side windshield-wiper shield

All the above can be done simply, at home, with ball-peen hammers, sections of pipe to pound on for nice neat cavities, and some marking materials. Also, after doing this, the brake hoses may need re-angling to miss rubbing on wider tire walls. Some Panteras have had a few, or all the above mods. But substantially changing wheel alignments or tire brands/sizes may mean another round of tire rubbing and changes. Of course, one can always go for a little less than max-width front tires....

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