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I obtained this wheel some years ago for way too much money. It is not from a Pantera but from the original car that used that wheel, a Lancia.

I am using a Grant key lock removable wheel hub for my three spoke LeCarra wheel. I am in the process of mounting the two spoke to a second Grant hub so I can interchange the two wheels.

With due diligence on eBay I did manage to find the proper ghia steering wheel center emblem and have mounted it in a generic horn button kit.




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I thought the vented grip was more practical. The smooth leather gets shiny in spots from your sweaty hands polishing the leather.

It's very hard to keep uniform looking.

This is the 350mm Momo "Competition" wheel with Wilkinson's stainless steel quick release mechanism.

It's duller (reduced glare) finish stays more consistent looking. The leather is perforated and basically eliminates the need for driving gloves.

I HAD the LeCarra wheel in the car when I bought it. At some point it seemed outdated and after the quick disconnect became available it was for sure a goner. Cool



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Originally posted by pantera chris:
I am changing to a Momo wheel, do the adapters on ebay work???

Oye vey! Boobbabla!

The adapters are specific to the Pantera. They are solid aluminum, and not the whimpy collision collapsible type that the sissy fagot boys use.

I'm very sure that I got mine from the Momo dealer with the wheel...and yes they were on Ebay.

There ARE some reliable people selling on there BUT one needs to be able to distinguish them from the Unicorn dealers?

Hall and Wilkinson both carry them in stock.
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Originally posted by Piney:
Hey Jan, beautiful interiors! Your cars make mine look like it´s ready for the junkyard.

On a side note, are your floor mats all custom made? I have a particular interest in the type with the red logo, (in your red GT5S, I presume).

Any info would be great, thanks!

Thanks! Yes, the red logo mats are I presume were made (outsourced) by the builder (the old legendary Fat Jack). I am guessing possibly through Hall Pantera. I can take some close up if you want with a ruler next to it. I have receipts about 2" thick on that car, so I could look there too. Email me if you want:

This in the link below shows what Hall has, but maybe they could do the red logo:

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