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In my 34 years of owning my car, I never ever heard of "The DeTomaso Archives" email mailing list.   I came upon this from a link on a BaT for sale and was surprised to find this email list.  

I am sure there are those here that have subscribed and read it.  

So my question is:  what is its purpose and how effective is it when we have this site which seems very structured and organized.   The Archives looks very archaic in structure but perhaps people get what they need from that format.

Just curious who here uses it and what purpose it serves beyond this very functional site.  Also curious if the admin(s) actually respond to requests to register, etc.

thanks in advance!

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I have been on this forum and the email list, as it is most commonly known, for over 20 years.

For all those years, I have always kept up-to-date by just going to the archives. I turned off all of the email options so I only receive monthly subscription notifications.

I find the email archives update instantly,  or you can easily change to a previous month’s postings.

The members on the email list tend to be older and more USA centered. Obviously a bunch of old fogies that still have AOL emails like myself. 😁


I've been on both since before I bought my Pantera 21 years ago!  And I'm glad both exist!  There are different people one each - not sure why someone wouldn't want to be on both as I find I can't get enough DeTomaso content/info each day! 

In any case, subscribe to the mail list at the link Joules provided.

Turn off email notifications and forwarding.

Bookmark the link Larry sent.  When you want to see any updates throughout the day, just click the "View by Date" option, and every message/post appears in chronological order.

When you want to ask a question, just send an email to to with a meaningful subject line.  If you want to share something that is not Pantera related, preface the subject with "NPC" which means No Pantera Content.

To reply to a post, copy the subject to your email subject, and copy the relevant info you want to reply to or comment on and paste it into your email message beneath your comments.  I always preface it with --- original message --- so it's clear to folks what I'm responding to so they don't have to go find the original message.

The DeTomaso Mail List search capability is almost useless!  The best way to search the mail list is to use Google. Here's an example of a Google search of the site if I want to know what Porterfield brake pads I need:

site: porterfield

Your search term should be the last word in the string, separated by a space from the site url.  If you need to search a multiple word phrase like "heater valve" enclose it in quotes.

Both forums have a place, and there are a lot of great people and good information in both places!

I have had a place-holding Facebook account for 10 or 12 years. I don’t make posts to my profile nor do I collect friends.

NOTE: If you are one of those 100+ friend requests I’ve received, please realize it’s not personal, I just don’t play that game.

last year I finally joined several Pantera and Cleveland Facebook groups. Again, a different mix from the email list or this forum, but definitely a spot for receiving a few tips and offering assistance to those in need.

I also enjoy the Cleveland groups for the wisdom gained by following their group’s postings.



Some of the most knowledgable are regularly on the other "email list", but I have always hated that format and just don't have the patience or time to read over and over the same thing as you scroll through the daily posts. I look at both but dread going to the other format. Comparitively, this is such a breath of fresh air from a format and search prospective and with a lot of very knowledgable and helpful owners!

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When I created this thread, I "registered" on the DeTomaso email list and created a password.  That was 3 weeks ago.  Is there actually a login for this thing or can you simply send emails to the address posted and those emails appear on the list?  If not, is there an active administrator that actually does something before you can post.?

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