I have been experimenting with tire options for the 15x10 wheels.

Toyo's R888 and R888R are available in a 235/50-15 size. While this may sound narrow for a 10" wheel, they have a measured section width of 9.8".

Thus, when mounted on a 15x10 wheel, they do not look very stretched.

With a treadwear rating of 100, they present a possibility for the 345mm P Zero System on the rear with a 140 treadwear rating.

I have had this combination installed for about 400 miles now and the performance is excellent.

Lateral grip is outstanding with almost perfectly neutral balance. There are no issues with rubbing or clearance. Tire pressure tuning is critical as the factory recommendations will no longer apply. I found that 32 psi fr and 37 psi rr yielded the best overall grip and tread temperature under high speed testing.

If you need a brand new, ultra high performance tire option for sustained high speed driving, there is now a new tire option.

I was lucky enough to procure some closeout 345mm P Zero Systems from Tire Rack last year at a deeply discounted price. Matched with these Toyos, this combination could also be the least expensive by quite a margin.

It is getting easier and easier for us to run our original lightweight wheels today.

I have never heard of Achilles tires, but they look good. And so cheap! Wow...

Have you done any high speed or track testing?

I like the Toyos due to their extensive racing development. They also wear like iron despite their very sticky compound.

I will post some pics on the 15x10 wheel. They look very similar to the Achilles in terms of fit.

With all of these options, it is a great time to be running 15" wheels.

Hi Jack,
The front spoiler was on the car when I bought it long time ago. I don't remember the Brand name but you can call one of the vendors and find out. Also, coming back to the subject of tires, these Achellis are street legal track tires for dry weather. According to the manufacturer their wet grip is below average so it is not recommended to drive on these in heavy rain. It does not matter to me since I never drive my car in rain.


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I was searching for 15 inch tires on the internet and found these. I had not heard about them either but, they had good reviews on Miata forums. They were inexpensive so, I decided to give it a try. I just had these installed and they seem to have decent grip and are not noisy. I have not done any high speed testing. Also, they have a 140 rating so they should last for a while.

I have read some info on the Achilles on the Miata and drift forums. The initial impressions seem to be good. According to the manufacturer, they tried to match the Toyo R888 which is a great benchmark.

With the low pricing, it could be a great option especially if you aren't concerned with all out performance.

I cannot find the official specifications anywhere though. I would like to see the recommended psi range, min and max wheel widths and section width.


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