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My 73 is a single piece insert. When the insert in removed you can see 6 holes with plastic caps inside like the one in the attachment. I don't see how a dzus fastener would attach to it. The previous owner had new felt install in the insert and covered any holes in the body of the insert.  When I got the car the insert would just set in the rear and you closed the lid. Anyone have a picture of how it should work.



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  • IMG_0687: Three on each side of car.
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I don't want a mint restored tub. A beat up naked one is fine for my purposes. I suspect that there is more then one locally that folks just don't want to get involved in advertising and defending it.

They are back behind the garage collecting leaves or something similar. Maybe even from a car they no longer own? MANY of these tubs that I've seen have damaged bottoms. One of those would be fine.

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