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Hi All,

In process of getting 4879 red 73 Pantera transported to Australia, I see some history on PROVAMO which is great. Buying the car from BHCC is interseting but its not my first time. Would love see some history or talk to previous Owners if possible. The car had some work done at Halls in early 2000's. Once arrived in Australia she will get a clean up and RHD conversion. Will update this page as I go.


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Some history from ProvaMo. 4879 was built 1/1973 ,originally yellow. Someone painted the engine red at some point, I guess when it was restored in the late 90s.

Current owner (Not sure who that was) purchased Pantera in early 80’s while living in San Diego,
Ca. Car was taken down to frame in mid 80’s to be restored. The Ford 351
Cleveland Engine was blue printed and balanced, transmission rebuilt,
new clutch, and red custom paint were some of major work done. Car was
assembled, but not finished until 1997 when Hall Pantera did final
assembly of electrical and completed work needed to put back on road. A
new radiator and hoses, as well as stainless steel cooling pipes were
added to help with overheating. In 1999 the seats and headliner were
reupholstered. Most recently new tires, new four barrel carburetor and
battery disconnect switch were installed. Car has been driven for
pleasure, but mostly garaged. It probably hasn’t been driven 20,000
miles since put on road in 1997.


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Well the car finally arrived in Australia and has been delivered to me.

Initial impressions the car is good and worth buying. Ive had my first drive of a Pantera and loved it.

Starting to prep for registration inspection.

Signal switch wouldnt stay engaged -see thread below and fixed

I need to workout why the signals flash fast -when engaging left or right but flash at normal speed when hazard lights on, I suspect the flasher unit may be faulty, it has an EP36 heavy duty flasher fitted, may need to change to a EP35 from research

Speedo doesnt work- Sigh this is  Work through system and find the speedo cable has seized, the right angle broken internally and the shaft that goes into the gearbox has a broken drive tab....nothing left to fail. Im planning on changing to a Speedhut Speedbox which has a small electric motor that drives the stock Speedo and gets the speed from GPS , essentially transforming to GPS speedo. expensive but easier than replacing all those bits.

Does anyone know what the thread is on the end of the speedo cable that joins to the gauge?

Initial bad engine vibration- When I picked the car from the transport people the car had a bad vibration when revving the engine, found one of the exhaust mounts had broken, welded up mount and all sorted.

I was very happy the trans is in great shape, shifts lovely no crunching or whining noises. Has some oil leaks


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Can anyone confirm if the Generator light is meant to light up when the ignition is turned on? My car is charging ok when engine running but the light doesnt seem to light up when first turned on.

Waiting for the speedbox to arrive, maybe a week and will report back how it works.

I've ordered a Thermo fan controller to stop the fans running all the time.

Ive removed the seat height spacers from out of the rear of the drivers seat, that has laid the back down, much more comfortable.

The wiring diagram below shows the charge indicator light wiring.  Magenta circles show a white wire connected to the tach +12v (red) wire and extends to the charge indicator bulb socket in the speedo.  The other terminal of the socket connects to a blue / black wire that extends into the engine compartment and will connect to the green / red stripe wire from your alternator.

Charge Indicator Wiring

The Charge indicator's bulb socket is a TWO terminal socket.  It does NOT ground the light bulb.  There is a 15 ohm, 10 watt resistor soldered across the socket's two terminals.  In normal operation, this resistor gets very warm, usually too hot to touch.

Alt Charging Resistor

As an alternate to the above socket and resistor cludge,  Pantera Electronics offers a modern replacement which can use either an incandescent bulb or an LED bulb.


PE Alt Charging Resistor


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As previously discussed, my speedo cable, right angle drive and gearbox internal shaft had all failed.  I didnt want to fit used parts to continue the cycle. I found the speedbox by Speedhut. Its an electric drive that connects to your speedo via a custom cable. This seemed to be the answer I was looking for.

I bought the kit and selected the VW thread on cable option, When the kit arrived I found the speedo nut would not fit my Pantera speedo, was easy fix to swap the nut but in hind sight I would send my old cable nut to speedhut to fit to new cable.

It's a very system to set up. I connected the drive to my speedo and carried out calibration procedure, press a button wait for the speedo needle to line up with the 60mph mark and let go of button, all went well.  before fitting the system in the Pantera I set up the system in my daily driver to test accuracy against my dailys speedo, all worked well.  Fitted the unit to my pantera and road tested very nicely. smooth needle, no bouncing and very accurate.  I have the gps option but the system will work via a wheel speed sensor or EFI speed signal from an ECU.

Im very happy with the results, my car gets to keep its original speedo with original miles and I can ditch the speedo cable.   Will report back after I have put some miles on the car.


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