A brief summary of 5177

I purchased in 1980. Originally single turbo setup that was drivable and showed well. After daily driving for a year, began “on rotisserai” stripping in preparation for repaint. I did dent the right door and rear fender when I was driving it, but should hammer out.

Due to a change in employment, 5177 has set disassembled for decades. Glass and doors still on body, parts removed are in enclosed trailer. Over 50% undercoating removed with putty knife.

Couple years ago, when I thought I had the time, the body was removed from rotisserie and now on “garden trailer”. (Rotisserie included).

The transaxle was rebuilt by R McCall.

The seats and panels were recovered by amateur upholstery (good enough for my plans). The original dash and arm rest were lost, but replacements have been acquired.

A spare set of calipers acquired and rebuilt by Gold Line. The original wheels were mismatched and I have acquired two 7” so now have three 7” and three 8”. Other spares include used GTS koni/springs, A-arm bushings, steering rack, Porterfield pads and Wilkerson exhaust.

The engine is with local Cleveland legionary drag racer. He has acquired heads and intake for a period correct “hot rod” street build. Buyer will have to make arrangements to pick up pieces from builder (about an hour away)

I am in central NC.

I’m asking $55K, but won’t be insulted by any offer.

Circumstances that caused the desire to sell will also limit my involvement in its sale. I will not be able to assist with shipping nor entertain “look see” inspections.


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fresh rebuilt ZF and brake calipers
new suspension bushings, ball joints, brake pads and exhaust
enclosed trailer with removed parts
the Cleveland is MIA

car is in central NC
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