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After 35 plus years, the shell of 5177 was rolled from its shed and is on its way to GunnerZ along with a trailer of parts.

The Owner and a couple employees drove 4 hours early this morning and loaded 5177 for the return trip to the shop.

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I want a driver.  the paint selected for ease of repair in the the future, hopefully from Ford colors.

those colors are to be in the GT Scheme of "Shades of Grey"!  the upper being near silver and the lower a near black.   with a decal in the lower section.

As far as the build, It will be near original with the exception of modern AC!

The builder and I disagree on one item so far.   I requested use original harness and modify it for the changes I want.   Where he suggested and wants to use a modern harness.  

Comments requested as to whether or not.

another disecion is whether to go back with L bumpers or fill in the body holes and go with the polish stainless I purchased.   While I think the look is better, the ideal that they are just bolt on trim is concerning.   the Builder wants to see what he can do to make them functionaly as bumpers.  

Again, comments requested

I am sure there were be lots more request for comments as the work progresses






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Great to see they jumped right in with the stripping.  New wiring is great, but costly as it is time consuming.  Maybe, if he will commit to a price for that part of the job, it could help you decide.   I cannot imagine making the body fit bumpers Functional in any way, but they look a lot better than the 74 bulk.  These bumper are the Amerisport .


That's great that the shop you chose is making such good progress. At this pace there is no doubt your car will be finished before mine. 

My first thought is to address all drain holes and add the drain holes others with more P-car knowledge have suggested in previous posts. Next I would inspect the undercarriage for any hidden rust pockets and its integrity. Make sure that all tabs, brackets and anything else is there and the way you want it. It's easy to overlook the detail and later have to do some grinding and welding after paint.

I would have a serious discussion with your body shop professional about hidden areas and rust proofing or paint or whatever is appropriate to keep you car from rusting later on.  It really is sad to see a beautifully painted car have rust poke through in a year or two after the "restoration".

Another thing to check for is damage. It's not unusual for low sports cars to have undercarriage damage from running over something. Perfect on top, dented on the bottom. 

I'm only about half hour from your body shop. I would be happy to meet you there during one of your visits to meet and chat a bit.


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