I would like to replicate the original air cleaner missing from my car. I noticed an older thread on the forum but was hoping there might be some new suggestions of what air cleaner body is closest to the original shape to start with and then I will fabricate and attach the hose snouts.  Also, what was the original air intake hose diameter? Thanks 

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Air intake hoses are 80mm, Steve L. had some (in original paper) for sale. Only paper really looks right. 

 If you want to go really far, I believe the vacuum motor on the air cleaner is a Ford 1968 part ( C8AZ-9D612-A)-- Lee

thanks for your response. Do the hoses attach directly to the 3” hole in the rear side panels or is there a 90 degree fitting that is attached to the side panel?  I have seen photos both ways.  How can I make contact with Steve L about purchasing the hose?


Brian, hopefully someone can help you out with measurements of the air cleaner (sorry, I am months away from my car and disappointed also that I don't have pictures already! Here are some pictures of the air cleaner, the air filter is a Napa Gold 2063---a cross reference shows it used on just about every Ford since the late 50's (including all Mustang, so starting with a low-profile air cleaner for a Mustang may not be a had start).   The air tubes turn 90' and go thru the cast aluminum piece on either side--there is no clamp at the air cleaner, at the "aluminum" end the tubes just slip fit to the insides.  These pictures of the hangers may help  https://pantera.infopop.cc/top...r-paper-tube-hangers

(hmm, if someone would make a paper template of the air horns and scan it...)



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Lee, that's an interesting point about the filter being used since the 50s.....and (for better or worse) opens up a number of possibilities to where the basic air cleaner body came from.  It would be GREAT to identify the actual host used by DeTomaso since adding snorkels would not be a big deal.

Two identifying features come to mind. First is the Goose unit's OD, which from Steve's link below, must be about 19".  This seems to be 1 - 2" larger than a lot of normal Ford air cleaners, at least from the late 60s.


Second feature is the protruding inner 'ring' or 'bead' stamped into the air cleaner cover, maybe 6 or 7" in diameter.  I don't see this type of ring when Googling Ford air cleaner images.  All covers have stamped features of some kind but as far as I've seen, nothing to match what's on a stock Goose.  My search has been FAR from exhaustive, but I would think at least 1 image would have popped up by now that showed a similar stiffening ring/bead.

So maybe we are dealing with an unconventional unit?  (e.g., Ford marine or military part, (if such things exist?). Leftover bits from some 50s Lincoln?  1961 school busses? Econoline Milk Trucks? ….. I've always assumed it's a Ford part, designed to work with Autolite carbs...but trying to think out of the box at this point

Guys,     The stock filter is a Ford staple item....used on early 60's Birds, then 1967 GT 390......then in Mustang/Cougar/Fairlane/Galaxie 68-70 427/428 ram air units, and some "regular" air cleaners.  (390's in 68 got a larger unit for some odd reason but used the smaller 428 style in 69....)

FA325 Fram comes to mind....but the mind could be off.....  I have one on the shelf....but shelf is 50 miles north....!

Just look for a 1969/1970 428CJ Mustang/Cougar/Fairlane (not 429!) and you'll get the proper filter element!


The stock base is a hand fab unit that DeT made to facilitate this element.  It is not a "drop" style base by any stretch of the term.  Basically the air cleaner actually lifts the base off the car by a little bit.

When I made my air cleaner out of the 68/69 truck (and MANY others) air cleaner base, it incorporated the stock drop.....and helped me clear the shields due to my use of the Edelbrock RPM intake....which is about an inch taller than a stocker.......   I did need to "raise" the clearance on the lid, around the area where the air cleaner bolt comes thru.....


Nate's original link went to the paper tubes in the for sale section!

I located the original post and forwarded the link to Brian already.   I had already sent him the pictures last nite!

The pictures are gone due to Comcast abandoning it's customers with "no more picture hosting"........ so some day when I can get a low cost internet connection with some bandwidth...... I can upload all the pictures again......  It's nice being out in the weeds, but I REALLY REALLY miss "high speed internet".......presently have "slow or no, pay as you go" internet......   disgusting.....   had to drop Netflix streaming...... cost upwards of $20 more a month extra  if you streamed one movie!  ....cuz you exceeded your limit.     I'd consider paying more, but can't find the info on the ATT website.....it is sooooo polluted with wireless phone crap......vs wireless internet NOT on your phone!!!!

Sorry for the rant.....the wound is still bleeding......!

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