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I really like the look of the Holly Dog Bone air filter commonly used on modified Pantera’s . The problem with them is they were  designed for small block applications.  I came up with the idea of making a filter union so you can double up the airfilter for more air.  I had them 3D printed and work and look like a hot dam. EC734875-ACF8-4B3B-BE49-F1B05BE5BF328BA510CC-E970-4341-A51F-33AB571F9DE72D92AB8B-2D58-4D25-8304-22EEA522B1B6


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  • EC734875-ACF8-4B3B-BE49-F1B05BE5BF32
  • 8BA510CC-E970-4341-A51F-33AB571F9DE7
  • 2D92AB8B-2D58-4D25-8304-22EEA522B1B6
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Most people are running small block Ford in their Pantera! The filter area was never in question, it benefited from a short riser on the carb, but even then only a 2HP difference! For the sake of 2HP, I'd have retained some rear view in the mirror!

I know my limitations believe me. I have had some serious power to weight ratio cars like 427 Continuation Cobra with a 427 aluminum side oiler 600+ Hp, 2,500lbs and the craziest car was my Caterham Super 7 with a race Hayabusa sequential shift 250Hp 13,000rpm redline in a 1,000 pound car. I only giver on the track, autocross or deserted parking lot. Like the late Carol Shelby said you can never have enough power, just not enough traction. 😉

Another Enzo quote regarding cars focusing on aerodynamics, “They do that because they don’t know how to build engines.” Everything was about the engines for Enzo. Just listen to a Columbo V12 at full song and you can understand why.

BTW, I didn’t take it personally just giving some context.  I knew the point your we’re making was not just directed at me and there’s a lot of truth to what you say.  There’s always someone faster, bigger, louder.  I do my car builds for my own gratification not for someone else’s. Those other stupid things you list that some people do with their cars and get in trouble are things I would never do.  But seriously to loose it at 25mph with 17 X 35 X 335 Michelin Pilot Sports on the back, modern shocks and brakes you’d have to be drunk or high or just a plain idiot and should not be behind the wheel of a car in the first place.

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