I am getting ready have brackets for the air tubes fabricated. Photos of these are almost as scarce as hen's teeth, I got tired of looking at every photo on qv500

Are they matte silver in color?
two on passenger side, one on drivers side?
Anyone know the correct width?
Slightly off-subject, the '69 Mangusta Larry Stock is re-restoring had more unneeded work this week. Someone undercoated the car's bottom- EVERYTHING! There was a coat of undercoating on the uprights, the brake calipers and shocks, as well as wiring, e-brake cables, etc. He had to disassemble everything and media-blast the slop off, then solvent-clean. The rear shocks were odd looking adjustable coil-overs and we couldn't figure out what brand.... until I chipped enough 1/8" thick undercoating off one area with a jack-knife to read the old label- Monroe-Matic! Anyone here old enough to remember chromed Monroe adjustable shocks?

On another subject, I spent considerable time resarching Swiss owner Heiko Ostmann's yellow/black Euro-racing Mangusta. It appears in all race reports as a 1967 which is rare enough to start me sniffing around. I found that the vintage racing class he ran in is for '67-'71 cars. But his serial number is reported to be 8MA-1052, which makes it a 1970. Still legal for the class, so dunno where the '67' description came from (if the s.n is correct). He ran 5 international endurance races in 2009 (winning the CSRG GT-1 Championship) and two in 2010, then switched to a sponsored vintage Aston Martin- occasionally, a Porsche Turbo. Only reported Mangusta damage was a broken right rear decklid latch (at Brands Hatch in England?), which at speed popped open and folded the whole assembly over to the center of the car! Caused his only DNF. Must have been messy to fix.

(years later, but some other pictures of Stickers on '1046...) I've seen the air tire pressure on other cars, but on 1046 it was located not only on the glove box but also on the drivers door.  

  previous owners had really preserved 1046 (esp, the disclaimer stickers on the bulkhead glass and on the windshield (I've only seen the bulkhead sticker on one other car, '936, and have never seen another goose with the windshield sticker). The bulkhead sticker was signed "Alberto."

There was not a sticker (such as repo'd by Hall) with warning/disclaimer on the lid to the brake reservoirs on 1046. 

Given the length of preservation, I'd also be inclined to think this Mobil antifreeze decal was original...


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...stuck on stickers, here are 2 on the Ayacsa AC box. And plate on the AC compressor Tecumseh HG500 from 8ma1074, and then 8ma1076. Not a surprise that the compressor is out of sequence ('1076 made in April '69  with engine #209 instead of May as for '1074 and engine #201) 


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