Four years ago our father passed away suddenly leaving his beautiful '74 GTS undercover in the garage. The car was his baby and has been kept the same since the last day he used it. It is #7233 There is a full description and pictures here:

1974 Pantera GTS

We are asking $72,500
Feel free to e-mail with any questions.
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No doubt a nice car and he has that much in it. But getting what your into it is the problem. Cars like this are a passion more than money. 45 doesn't seem all that unreasable considering the upgrades.

We are asking $72,500
Feel free to e-mail with any questions.[/QUOTE]
A few years ago Pantera International had a silver and black US GTS on the front cover of the issue. Then the silver/black US GTS was advertised for sale a few issues later in Pantera International. Asking price: $75,000. Haven't seen it for sale since.

A few months ago I was looking at Hall's website. They had two white Pantera's for sale, the Pre-L sold in one week for $55,000, the L sold after some time for the same price, $55,000.

Gasoline prices are going up, crude oil prices control inflation, and housing prices are up. I'd hold onto that car if I possibly could, and not sell at all. Sell it if you have to, but the longer you hold onto it, the better the selling price. If you can, give it to yourself as a graduation present! It's worth $75,000. Sure there's a couple of thousand Pantera's in garages, but not like that one, and not as nicely upgraded. It takes lots of money and time and labor to take a moth-balled Pantera and make it like that.

I suggest creating a web-page, then advertising and listing the website in the ads. That is if you have to sell. Or you can place it for adoption at a friendly Pantera vendor who has constant inquiries from folks who don't necessarily read this BB. You'll always miss it if you sell, and always want another, and always think you sold too low, considering replacement value.

Ferrari prices are coming down, not Pantera prices, they're going up. That US GTS is a keeper.
To the last two posters: thank you so much for your kind words. Most don't realize that it is hard to decide to get rid of this car not only because it is a beautiful GTS but because of its sentimental value. Howeever, in our position it is right to sell this car as we really have no use for it and it deserves a loving owner who will baby it every day.
As noted before we have realized that the car is worth not what was put into it, but rather what someone will pay for it. The price that we posted in the beginning of this thread is how much we are asking but we are open to any thoughtful and reasonable offers.
Since most of us on this BB own Pantera's, we like seeing Pantera's set new record high prices. I for one anyway...

WillyPantera, I have a couple of ideas for you, to help accomplish your goal: getting the highest price for that Pantera. It will require effort and time, either way you go though, so it's up to you and you're free to disregard these ideas and opinions, of course.

First option: write up an article and submit it to Pantera International magazine. Locate the Fall 1999, number 100 issue of Pantera International and see how that article was written. The cover is a Silver and Black US GTS, and pages 22 thru 28 are the story and photo documentation. History repeats itself, your article is parralel to the Silver and Black GTS, and voila, it is also for sale at PI Motorsports, at $90,000+. Maybe Jerry swaps a set of the 'right' Campy clones for some photos, since that's a no cost task that may widen the appeal. I think most people want the Campy clones, just my opinion. Jerry could even have more photo documentation available if you provide it...

And Dave likes to publish very interesting Pantera's and likes owners to write stories and submit them: Tell them VFI sent you, they'll laugh..., and say: he's right.

Jerry and Dave are buddies, and all their e-mail links are connected on this BB, so it's all easy to access, for everybody, including buyers. This also increases viewership for this BB, which means greater awareness of De Tomaso Pantera, and increasing prices.

Second Option: also requires effort. Contact the Pantera vendors and have one of them arrange to sell it. This means driving it to Southern California, Nevada or Colorado, (etc.) to drop it off with them. I'm sure your father would appprove of a final field trip in his Pantera...., if there were no damage to his babied Pantera. And I'm sure you'll like that cruise in that US GTS.

The way I see it, the more information you can provide with the vehicle, the more valuable to the new owner. It's also 2005, not Fall 1999, issue number 100. This means the $75,000 transaction in 2005 for the comparable US GTS is $75,000 X 1.5 (or 2.0) escalation factor reflecting inflation and investor demand. So the 1999 transaction would go for $112,500 to $150,000. And no, you can't buy a new Ford GT for $135,000, the reserve prices on e-bay are $260,000 for "new" Ford GT's.

These are merely suggestions and I'm sure you know what is best to do. Best regards, VFI
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