I don't want to wear out my welcome but have one more newbie question.  The slave on my new P is shot and curious about potential to rebuild vs replace.  I'd lean towards replacing except the current slave doesn't look like any of the replacements on the market.  I haven't taken it all apart yet, so perhaps its just the standard slave inside this chrome housing?  Open to suggestions!  Thank you again for all the answers, this forum is invaluable!  I look forward to reciprocating! 


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Hard to see but it doesn't look wet down there. Is it actually leaking?

It looks like an stainless steel replacement slave, so the bore shouldn't be corroded. Confirm the inside diameter and buy new seals.

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What leads you to the conclusion it is shot?

Car has sat for prob close to a year, master reservoir was empty, and pedal still very spongy even after filling/bleeding.  Also a leak coming from the slave, but haven't been back to prod around closely enough, so trying to figure out how best to approach the issue.

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