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I need a little help. I’m exchanging my old Coolant pressure and extension tanks on my Pantera from 1974. Bought new shining tanks from Hall Pantera.

Now removing the old tanks, I suddenly find a small extra hose on the pressure tank, approx on the middle of it. Just between the big inlet/outlet tubes. The small hose is on a small tube coming from the pressure tank. The small hose is not a wire, it a hose. Ive attached a picture of the old pressure tank. 

Now to the question, my new pressure tank from Hall Pantera doesn’t have a small tube to attached the small hose. 

So the questions are:

1) What is the hose doing there?

2) And what to do with the open small

A big thanks in advance.



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there was a Tech Serv Bultn that attempted to improve the venting of the coolant.

IMO, not very good ideal


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Thx jfb05177, for a really quick answer. 
I wasn't aware of this "update" on 1974 - so good to know. Though I'm not sure I understand the idea. (honestly I'm not good a coolant systems)

Anyway - do you have an idea of what to do with the small hose now? - what can I do?



given the new tank does not have a bung for the tube nipple.  leaving the tube off seems to be the answer. 

You MUST find the other end at the radiator and close it off somehow.

My 73 had the radiator banjo fitting hosed to the other "37" connection on the coolant return pipe.  

The new tank doesn't have any bung, only the two big in/outlets and of course the overflow bung in the top. See attached picture. 

Aha, so the small hose goes to the radiator in the front of the car? - I'll have to follow it and find out if there's a banjo fitting that I can close a you suggest. 

Perhaps I can take a picture and attached in a post in few minutes. Working on the car as we speak. :-)





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Here’s a picture of my radiator - and it looks like there’s a small hose in the exact same size and looks as the one I removed from the old pressure tank. Here connected to the radiator via a banjo. 
Is this the same way it was done on yours?

(NB: I haven’t followed the hose from the engine room to see if it’s going to the front/radiator)


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On my early car (s/n 1744) the small hose on the radiator goes to a fitting on the main radiator connection hose.  It has a small 'T' connection which I have always assumed was for bleeding / filling purposes.  The main pressure tank on my car had a temperature sensor in the middle port - doing what god knows.  I have since plugged that and chucked the sensor.

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