I have one of each, looking for offers.

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I could use a right front for a pre-L.  My body guy says mine is pretty trashed.  PM sent.

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Good quality replacement fender tops  are available from Mike Mayberry, who is “King” on this forum, or Steve Wilkinson  Panteras. 

 The headlight openings vary a little bit  between early and late fenders. A good body man can usually adjust the opening and or the headlight bucket top for a correct fit.

Fender sides are another problem.  Originals are scarce as hens teeth and salvaged fenders are likewise scarce and very expensive when you find one.

I had a fender side fabricated for the repairs to 2511.



stevepelletier posted:

I am looking to get in touch with Mike Mayberry. Could someone connect us, please? 

PM him. That might be quicker.

You can also look on eBay for Pantera parts - find some of his auctions as (he is listed as Barbram342,  or something like that) and message the seller through the eBay Site...



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