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My Euro Pantera has been using a Windsor thermostat along with a block off restrictor plate.  I decided to go back to stock and ordered the matching 180 degree thermostat and restrictor plate from Tim Meyers.  It will be arriving today and and I am getting the car ready for the new plate.  I am not sure how to extract the existing block off plate.  Any suggestions are appreciated.


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Dear Steve,

         About twenty years ago I decided to remove the stock restrictor to install the PPC restrictor and thermostat.  I remember that it was a challenging job for an amateur due to the confined space and restricted access from almost any approach.  It seemed no good angle to look at it clearly or room to work with common tools.

          I finally settled on using one of those right angle screwdrivers.  I could fit the short end into the restrictor with the longer end sticking out.  I then proceeded to pull on it to lever it out without success.  I then tried tapping the long end of the screwdriver with a hammer.  After about twenty minutes, it finally popped out.

           I suspect that someone has a more efficient and effective method than my desperate approach.  Good luck.

                   Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

...the screw is  Good Idea.

Just want to add, the Rubber 'Cap' you have on the Heater hose barb, is perfect to Finish-Off the Stud that remains after removing the Wiper Arms. It Snaps on! Looks Nice. I put one on each.


P.S....I would have taken a Center-Punch and a Heavy Ball-Peen Hammer, Hit near the rim, of what looks like a Freeze Plug, clearing the edge of the Counter-Bore, to 'Cave-In' the Thin Metal. The Opposite edge will pop up, then grab with a Pair of Channel-Lock Pliers and work it free. Not enough room the Swing the Hammer? There is Always a Way!

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