Be aware, the plastic OEM vents are not exactly the same size as the aftermarket aluminum vents. I know one GT5 owner who tried to replace his plastic vents with aluminum but found the aluminum vents were too small for the OEM holes in his hood. I also recall the aluminum vents came from the vendor with a template.   

If you bought the car as an investment and not to drive and make it your own, then maybe I would agree with Garth and Joe1974L, but even if only a styling exercise, I like it and did it to mine, and I still like it 15 years later.  I'm in the hospital today having surgery, but should be home tomorrow and will be happy to measure mine and post tomorrow.  



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The way the original aluminum grills sit in the sheet metal you really need a perfect skin to make it work. The brackets are very minimal and held in place by very small screws threaded into a thin aluminum casting.

You may need to do some serious fabrication to make that work with a wrinkled skin?

If I had it to do over again, I would have left the hood stock.


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Here are some pics that might help. Note that this is an original factory vented hood. 

The hood was changed to a later one at some point?

Yes, I always wondered a bit about the hood, the fitment is also a bit off, but I went through old receipts from the factory for a bunch of stuff, and found the order. "Hood with air scoops" ordered in 1989 for (Italian Lira) LIT 866 250  

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