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Well, one thing is clear, collectively we have GREAT taste in automobiles! Big Grin Perhaps somewhat eclectic too.

Glenn, you MUST have one of the nicest (and largest) garages in Sask! Your cars really look fantastic.

Originally posted by Gunner:
On page 1 there was a GT40...was that real or aftermarket? And is it for sale?

My GT40 isn't for sale and unfortunately isn't an original either. It's a late 1980's GTD replica. It has had a fair bit of sorting and upgrades over the 8 or 9 years I've had it and has turned out to be a very satisfying car. It would fit right in with your collection though.

Thanks Mark...Yes I have had lots of people "bug" me about my garage/ is 2600sq.ft. on the main level and 900sq.ft. on the second level that has a 6' x 11" lift to take up quads and sleds for storage.
Your GT40 looks great! the stance is bang on. I always keep my eyes open for quality kits as the GT40's are in the 250K range now. I respect the well built replica as it can provide a great experience if your into driving raw power. What engine are you running? I would love to see some pics! If you know of any good kits in Canada my ears are open.

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