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Hey guys

In regards to posting pictures, many of you older members complained about uploading pictures in the past. We are operating on "up to date" software now, pictures are easier to upload.  I encourage you all to upload pictures as much as possible. But please, lets keep the forums "looking" as good as possible. Don't muck them up. Please do a complete job of posting your photos.

I'm sure some of you guys have noticed that your posts don't look as good as those of others. That's because some of you are skipping one or both of the last two steps.

First, after uploading your pictures, insert them into the post body …

and then … second ... please collapse the attachment box.

(and by the way, Shawn, your NSX is gorgeous)

Thank You

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My '68 GTO came out of the paint booth a couple of days ago.  Its body off restoration finally coming to completion soon.  This is my favorite car design of all time.  52 years ago, in high school, I would draw pictures of it to keep me awake through 3 years of boredom.  Kept the rebuild pretty stock with the exception of adding disc brakes to all 4 wheels and going from 14" to 17" wheels and tires.  Chose some gold wheels against the Verduro Green that still look classic for the era.  Hood and hood tachometer get painted tomorrow, then a race to put the engine back together and put the interior back in.  Though it handles like a Cadillac limousine, I can barely contain myself waiting to cruise around in it, just love the design.  More pictures when it's put together and out in the sunshine.





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Here’s my “new to me” 1971 TVR 2500M.

It is a very unique, early car....  it may be a prototype, as it predates the “officially accepted” 2500M series.

These cars created quite a stir with their early advertising campaign at the Earl’s Court Motor Show!

Martin Lilly was the first person ever to put beautiful women and beautiful cars together for marketing purposes, and the future was forged....



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Might need some advice if I ever decide to mess with those Weber’s!!!

(Actually...  the PO says they were all professionally dialed in, and the car runs well, with the exception of a cough/stutter if you try and lug the engine...  My initial game plan is to avoid that operating condition in the future...)


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The carbs themselves are not very difficult to deal with.

What complicates things is the nature of IR manifolds on various engine combinations.

A 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder are all going to have different power pulse patterns through the intake manifold.

The 8 can't be fixed and you can only compromise on it to make the reversion acceptable. The Pantera having the room available over the top of the stacks helps. You can use taller stacks to keep the cloud in the carbs.

This reversion phenomena really only happens with a carburetor and not an individual stack fuel injection system.

Nude women around the car cause similar nearly impossible conditions. Even clothed ones can sometimes as well.

The sad thing is that the car almost always can be restored. Not so the girl.

Best of luck with the new toy. The car that is.

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