Hey guys

In regards to posting pictures, many of you older members complained about uploading pictures in the past. We are operating on "up to date" software now, pictures are easier to upload.  I encourage you all to upload pictures as much as possible. But please, lets keep the forums "looking" as good as possible. Don't muck them up. Please do a complete job of posting your photos.

I'm sure some of you guys have noticed that your posts don't look as good as those of others. That's because some of you are skipping one or both of the last two steps.

First, after uploading your pictures, insert them into the post body …

and then … second ... please collapse the attachment box.

(and by the way, Shawn, your NSX is gorgeous)

Thank You

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rocky posted:

Nice Jensen!

I have one, but it’s a saloon. Really classy cars. 


I know you do Rocky as I see you post on JOC site frequently as well!  Looks like we have similar tastes. I’ve even been looking for XJS for awhile.

My English car with an English engine ..... which comes from an American engine





My English toy with a German engine, 600 kg, 180 HP:

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2008 CLS63 AMG with P30 ( AMG Performance Package ) which among things does not limit the top speed, ( 185 MPH ) 507 HP and many Factory upgrades over standard AMG0727191315a09081810282


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