Pantera_3008_Sold_Barrett-Jackson_17_Jan_2020 [6) [Large)Pantera_3008_Sold_Barrett-Jackson_17_Jan_2020 [14) [Large)I met a guy at Barrett-Jackson, selling his "original" Pantera (S/N 3008).  He obtained the car is 1980 from the first owner.

With all his "original" stuff - he got this glove.

He said that Ford packed these gloves in every new Pantera sold - it was used when you pull the spare out, so you don't get your hand dirty.

I have never heard of this, but I told him I would check it out, and get back to him.

OBTW...  His car sold last night for $102K (112K with Buyer's Commission).




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Dear Rocky,

          1)  This is first I have heard of the OEM FoMoCo spare tire glove in Panteras

          2)   I bought Pantera #7171 with 2100 miles on it and it had all the original items you're familiar with on stock original Panteras.  I did not find an OEM Spare Tire Glove.

           3)  I am very skeptical about this.


                        Warmest regards,  Chuck Engles



After all these years I am still learning, never seen a license plate lamp painted stock body color so now I'm questioning the whole original paint story! It's also a first for me to see a transition L model with the large rubber front bumper combined with the rear chrome bumperettes? The decklid struts are bone-stock modified and it is missing the center screen so in reality "it retains all it's original parts, well, minus a few".... so yeah I'm sure the glove part must be true!
And people believe anything that B-J write on a descriptor; that's like saying it must be true because I read it on Facebook  

I generally agree with all the sentiments expressed here - but I am trying to keep this focused on "the glove".

I tend to be skeptical of this too, but I told the guy I would ask.  I'll let him know.



PS>  In his defense, he is going to send the engine screen to the buyer (he forgot it at home).  He also stated the small metal bumpers are going with the car.

PSS>  I updated my first post to put quotes around the "original".

PSSS> I saw a lot of cars selling for prices that surprised me...  some higher, and some lower.  My track record of guessing the final prices was very bad yesterday.


Wow somebody paid too much. That's what happens when the economy is flush with money, and there's lots of testosterone in the air. Now he gets to spend a whole lot more getting it in driveable shape.

The glove story must have put it over the top.

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