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I had brought this car to the POCA Fun Rally but it was not running in fact it did not have the drive train in the car. It sat out in my barn for quite a while, with the economy I just did not have the money. This year we have been working on the car and the motor is getting built right now. So I thought I would share some photos.


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Yes it does have a group 5 look to it. As I understand it the car was a stock bodied car running at riverside and slammed in to the wall. after that it definitely had some hideous Butchery going on.(Yes I saw the thread. I love the stock bodied cars, but I also love many of the other looks also) So now you know why the fiberglass on the front and rear.
Les had found a 351 Cleveland for sale and we bought it for $300. Supposedly had been rebuilt and came as extra motor with the guys Pantera. We pulled a valve cover and it looked rebuilt and still had assembly lube showing. Took it apart and found out it was a Boss 351, 4-bolt main, Boss Crank, boss rods,but with milder pistons and 4V heads. Standard bore! We pulled it apart and went through it and had it checked out, cleaned and gone through. Block is ready!


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Car looks great! I recall running alongside your car at Riverside in 1989. The body had already been modified at that point so the conversion was done sometime before that.

The removable front/rear body clips are nice. My own GT-5 has a similar arrangement, and it really simplifies access:

If you ever want to change to a GT-5 style body, I have all the molds and can have more clips made. Or you can have an assortment and change them as the mood dictates :-)

Hope to see you on the track soon!

Originally posted by Rapid:
I think this has calipers and rotors from an older lincoln

67 Big Ford/Tbird/Lincoln. For all intents and purposes the same front brakes as the 67 Shelby Trans-Am Mustangs, the coupes.

The rotor bolts up to the Pantera hub. The only issue I see with them is that they have a US 5"-ish bolt to bolt spacing and the Girlings are 3" as most Euro brakes are. (3.3" -ish)

The Rear of the Pantera is strange. 2.4"ish. The 65-7 Mustang front calipers will fit with elongating the mounting holes. You can use the stock Pantera rear rotor or change it to the vented 65 Mustang front rotor, if you can find some? Those have been discontinued.

They are a massive setup. It would be great if they were available in aluminum (but aren't). Similar in weight to the big iron Girlings the Gp3 & 4 cars had installed on the race Panteras.

So you need to make adapters for them. Not a big deal at all.

If you aren't going to use them,
do you want to sell me would you consider selling me the adapters? Please? Smiler

I have these on my Shelby. I'm thinking this would not be a bad solution for my Pantera?

Would you happen to know if an 8"x 15" Campi will fit over that assembly?

Really nice shocks. I'm envious. Big Grin
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