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Originally posted by Rapid:
with a center bar welded at the top rear bar and going down to the passenger leg well and bolted down there

I knew someone that had these sidebars made with a hinge and held with a clevis pin. Made getting in and out easier.

I can always get in but have to crawl head first over the bar out. That never wears well on my psyche.

Thanks for posting the pics. I always find roll cages interesting since everyone seems to make them a little differently.

I never thought about using a metal plate under the brace through the window?

It was my understanding that the tech people would not allow plexiglass as a substitute for the glass window?

My head is still in a rubber grommet around the bar going through the glass. I have a mental block on that subject?

I have not had time to post anything for a long time, so i thought I would add some more info about the car. We rebuilt the front suspension including having the a-arms re coated, new ball joints, tie rods, new aluminum Hubs from Dennis Quella, along with his Aluminum Koni's which I had talked about earlier. Had the steering rack rebuilt, all new bushings, bearings etc.. Also increased the size of rotors010


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  • 010: Passenger front

Also had a fuel cell custom made to fit in front trunk. There was an old style bladder type fuel cell in car when I got the car in the same location, but not legal to use any more. So I ordered a new one from Fuel Safe. When I received it it looked great but the filler spout was to tall so had that switched out for this flush mount style.007008009


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