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Hi guys,
Thought I'd post my experience installing the Tesla EPB and thanks to David, Percy, Jack, and Steve and especially Jon Haas for all their help!

My main reason for doing it is that the stock parking brake doesn't hold well and was very hard to engage and disengage.
I got the calipers form Autobahn Dismantling in southern California.
The controller, cabling, and brackets from Pantera Electronics.

I got a switch bezel from Hall and cut a piece of delrin to mount the switch and covered it with vinyl:

The Tesla calipers need to have the motors flipped 90 degrees.

The stock calipers got moved to the front mounting tabs.
I used 24" 3AN brake lines with a straight and a 90 from Pegasus Racing.

I used Painless Performance PowerBraid from Summit, ran it under console and parallel to A/C lines:


I mounted the controller on the inside of the rear fender splash panel (didn't want to drill holes in the car itself):

This run required 12 feet of wire from the button. Constant and switched power is from the fuse panel. Ground is the green wire above that is bolted to the plate where the voltage regulator mounts.

I ran the caliper cabling through the grommets where the original parking brake lines went and routed them parallel to the A/C lines and stock harness to the controller.
Works great!


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