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Denis, in UK we use (NSF)  Near Side Front (ie nearest side to kerb) and OSF Off Side Front (closest to centreline) to distinguish which side of car you're talking about.  To make things completely clear you see.......So there's no confusion....

Of course as we drive on the left and most others on the right side of road,  nearest the kerb  differs depending on which country you are in!!!

Therefore what Chris means is the drivers side of a LHD car (which I think you guys is US would call left side - left if  sitting in drivers seat...)

He wants a left side headlight lamp holder. But do you mean the bulb holder or metal headlight surround? Not sure you can separate the metal bulb holder from bowl - or at least not easily.

From my own post trying to find out correct lights I now believe the outer headlight contains a side light as well as dipped beam in bulb holder at about 6 oclock.  May well be different Euro v US cars (marker lights) and have been told my car may be one of the German assembled cars so have had Cibie's not Carello. See photo upper lamp is outer, lower is inner.  Does your outer headlight have the sidelight within it or within the indicator?  I've seen both on Euro and Oz (RHD) cars

Or do you mean the rubber boot behind the bulb?

Also RHD headlights are different lenses - marked RHD as you can see in photo on bowl) so please clarify what you need.  Although this car is exempt from MOT (Ministry of Transport Test - that's Annual Tech Inspection for our non-UK brothers! - every day is a school day!) the beam pattern will be very different


and in UK!


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Chris, if you are looking for rear lenses or lamp assemblies, there are tons out there same a Miura and Fiat 850 spyder.  If you require the tin chrome surround. Then I may have a set in storage. No idea for the front black tin piece.

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Hi Larry,

its hard to describe parts on these sometimes! Just had a picture from the guy doing the body - this is the part I need, the metal surround that holds the lamps to the body.

The lamps fitted to this car are Carello 03.245.700, the one with the sidelight in has been replaced with a cheap replica at some point. I think these might work though, going to get a pair and try.


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Sorry can't help or suggest anything with metal headlight surround. 3D scan and CNC???

In my search I've become a bore on headlight numbers and know you're doing a concourse jobs may want correct lens numbers.

As far as I know (and will happily be corrected) the correct Lens number for RHD is 05:240:700 for the outers  and 03:245:700 for inner and are Carello "JOD" lights with JOD marking (diff position, I think, inner vs outer . The bowl has its own number and that determines whether it's got a sidelight or not I guess. "05" denotes RHD and the bowl is marked for right hand circulation too.

I spoke to Classic Alfa as my  Montreal shares the same headlights and they confirmed they only have LHD Montreal light with correct markings.  In fact Richard Norris is looking for some RHD for his own Montreal. That one you listed is from an early Guilia I think.  LHD ones are out there and relatively easy to Ebay etc. I may have some LHD ones but RHD are not easy.

The outer headlight / main for cars driving in LHD markets are 03:240:700 BUT (from what I know and have researched) some of these come with bowls which do not take a sidelight and some with.  There seems to be no definite answer on what the bowl numbers should be.  Some LHD markets (US particularly) have marker lights in indicator and some Euro markets have sidelight inside headlight.  I have an old Carello beyond repair which I'll see if its possible to swap the bulb holders over but it doesn't look easy.

As you can see the lens is very different for the 05:240:700 to alter the beam pattern.

I have also sent you a message as may be able to help source an original - do you only need 1?


Larry IMG_5203


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Denis, so I can clarify for my own reasons (as 1028 may be German finished) when you say integrated marker do you mean marker (what in UK might call a sidelight) is integrated into the indicator housing along with turn signal / indicator or integrated into the outer headlight bowl, I'm not sure I'm clear ?  cheers Larry

FEIW the outer on 8MA1244 is a Hella. Did Carello have this type of bulb? As mentioned by Roland, some cars were more complete than others, so who knows. Do you have the pigtail behind the headlight for the small bulb?  CA11DE20-2A3B-4A65-A222-D1206DE58CD6


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On my car yes, small bulb is within headlight.   Its a Cibie H4 but I've now idea if it's original or not.  Also, the loom has been so chopped about, so although we have a wire for sidelight behind headlight no idea if that's original either until I take it out (we've a new loom as its been chopped over years and badly).

The Carello I've seen with sidelight / small bulbs use an H1 bulb and the small bulb fits into the metal bulb holder not the bowl. Alfa Montreal use same lights as do some Ferraris and probably other Italian stuff of same era.

My car has some features of German cars but not all!.  Seems it's all a lottery as to what's on these originally!

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