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new engine in the final stages of build. Installed the water pump and it looks to be slightly longer in the snout than the one on the original engine.

about 1/2 inch longer.

the pully does not line up too well with the crank pully

kindof confused.

are there 2 different water pumps for the 351c?


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I found that in some cases, when the pumps are put together, even when the pump is "new" old pulley's are used or it wasn‘t attached correctly to the shaft. Check to see if there's a difference between the old and the new one. And check the diameter of the two pulley‘s too. You don’t want that thing pumping water to fast.. Merry Christmas.

there is a reason why I was tagged dumba$$

the pump is fine. The aftermarket damper requires a spacer to push the crank pully out to the proper length. Now I have a second water pump if anyone wants? It is brand new and has the nice aftermarket goodies, cavitation plate and high output config. If you want..shoot me an email I paid 110 you can have it for 100. Aluminum pump for the 351c. yes, it is the right size afterall.
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