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I have been looking for a pantera for some time now...
Im feel kinda like at child in a candy store (the trouble is that all the candy looks great on the picture)
But as most other things price and quality probably follows. Where do you think I would get most for my money?

A solid standard car. price 35-40k like this:

A (once upon a time) fully restored car like this: (price 40-50)

Or a newly restored car like this: (price 50-60)

Some of my thoughts:
Why would anyone sell a car that they just restored? like no. 3
Maybe no. 2 is as nice as no.3 even though no.2 is restored 17 years ago

So give me your thoughts on what is the best buy?
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So give me your thoughts on what is the best buy?

That's easy.

You go see and drive each one.

The one that talks to you is YOURS.

I took 18 months, spoke with about 40 sellers, checked out about 25 cars, and drove about a dozen.

But when 2511 came around, I KNEW it was the one I had been looking for. It was about $7K more than I had planned on spending, but it had it ALL, less than 5000 miles on a Quella restoration...well, you get the idea.

All three cars are worthy candidates and like most Panteras are very different from each other.

However, if I had your money to spend I would easily opt for number two. The car is incredibly beautiful..and as a rare pushbutton may appreciate in value more than the other two.

I've also known the current owner for many years and consider him to be one of the nicest and classiest Pantera owners I've had the pleasure of dealing with. I would easily pay him the asking price and not look back.

Good luck.
...I wouldn't lay My money down for any of the three!! You are either paying too much or receiving too little! Pushbutton?? what; you want to buy a car because of the style of door handle?? Because it's rare? Are You a Collector/Speculator?? You want a 'reworked' '74! Actually My opinion is You should go buy a Porche, Ferrari, Corvette or a Bicycle!! Because THAT is where your 'Head' is at! LOL. Now! If You can read this and NOT take it personally; You are ready to go Buy a Pantera! In other words, as Larry said, You must Purchase Your Pantera from the Heart. You must 'let' IT Seduce You. A 'Love at first sight' sort of thing. Just My '2 Cents' and you did ask. Never buy 'sight unseen', You have to go Meet Your Lady Face to Face and drive her. In the end who will you listen to, not me; I will tell you what you DON'T want to hear! You will listen to You Desire. Good-Luck...
A lot depends on your intended use;

1. Is this a 'garage queen' you want to trailer to shows and keep pristine?
2. Is it a weekend warrior, that you drive on that odd weekend a month?
3. Is it a daily driver, to and from work?
4. Is it a car you would want to track occasionally?

All four of the above are very different Pantera's and you need to decide which fits your needs e.g. a good driver will require certain mandatory upgrades like cooling etc.

And whichever one it is, it STILL needs to talk to you, but both my Pantera's 'talked' to me from a computer screen as I purchased them both sight unseen! If you buy from a board member with a car known in the community you can get away with this method, although seeing in the flesh is always recommended.
First of all thanks for all the replies.

Like most of you say, I should go try all the cars. BUT my problem is that when a car is for sale and the price is right the car is often not for sale that long. And Im in Europe (Denmark).

As for number 4 (Im pretty sure that it is sold)

Joules5: I think this your description no. 2 fits the best. "a weekend warrior, that you drive on that odd weekend a month"
Another thing to ask is:

"Are you looking for something to drive a couple of weekends a month and when stuff goes wrong you will find a local shop?"

Or, are you looking for a car you can "play with for the next 10 years and though it may not be perfect now, in the end you will have turned it into the kind of Pantera what you always wanted to own?"

That has a lot to do with what kind of car to buy - especially since there is a $20k difference.
I agree that the car does need to talk to you, but it also has to suit your requirements.
What do you want from the car, does it have, or have the capacity to have the personalised requirements you have.
Are you handy on the spanners, and can make, mod, fix the items that are required ?? The purchase price is only one part, you also have to include the cost involved to get the car to your specification, which may be more than a car with the items you want.
I purchased my car off a computer screen and it is in a shipping container on the boat coming to me now. I went a lower cost car, and bought all the items I wanted to bring it to my requirements. They are all very different cars.
Good luck !!
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