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Hello, I am new to this forum and this is my first post, so I hope I am following proper etiquette. I have just finished a complete custom build on my 73 and I will be listing a lot of original parts in the weeks and months to come. Today I would like to offer my ZF -2 for sale. This tranny is brand new rebuilt by Don Byers I also installed the cable shift offered by SACC. Don completely went through the ZF and installed a taller 5th gear. This tranny can be switched back to linkage shift if needed. I have two bellhousing one for the 351 and the other for the big block Ford that is now in the car. I also have the stock tranny mounts and mounts for a big block which moves the ZF back by 1.5”. This ZF has approximately 10-15 minutes of Dyno time since its rebuild. I decided to switch it out for a Holinger because of the horsepower and torque the motor was making. There is nothing wrong with this unit. Email me with questions and pictures. My email is


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The tranny is being custom built in Australia and I hope to have it in the next 6 weeks. I have been a car builder for years so I did my due diligence and the Holinger case will fit with no mods other than customer built mounts.
 To use the paddle shift you will need to run the Motec ECU. I have already installed and wired the Holley Dominator so I did not want to change out my ECU. 
The Holley has multiple outputs that I am not using, I will use one of those to signal the gearbox during up shifts so I don’t have to use the clutch but I will have to use the clutch when downshifting. Furthermore even if I went to a paddle shift system by installing the Motec ECU I would still need to use the clutch when shifting out of park into reverse or 1st. Once I have the tranny installed I will take the care back to the chassis Dyno and be able to give anyone who wants to know more info  

hope this answered your questions 

PS: the Holinger ain’t cheap


I'd be quite happy with a sequential shift that requires a clutch all, or some, of the time! I also have a Holley Dominator and fully appreciate the amount of work involved in switching to a Motec ECU.

I have no doubt the Holinger is expensive but replacing broken input shafts in a ZF isn't cheap either! At least you have your ZF to sell, to help offset the cost. It's certainly worth a lot more than one of those "brand new but stored in a crate in the shed for 30 years" ZF's that have been on the market recently! You are able to document your ZF's current condition. The tall 5th gear helps too. 


I assume this was from your twin-turbo Pantera?

Should be amazing with the Holinger! 

I spoke with the Holinger USA guys who did the Kurt Bush Pantera and they were enthusiastic about installing another into a Pantera. I believe, however, in that case the swap required a bit of trimming on the left main chassis rail to clear the starter? Otherwise sounded like a nice "bolt in" for our cars 

Did Holinger provide the bellhousing?

Look forward to hearing more about your project once you get it installed!


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In response to Joules I really wasn’t making the switch for the paddle shift element, I just wanted a tranny I would be afraid of putting through it paces. Plus I’m old school and like to shift. 
In response to Davek good guess on the twin turbo, as for the bellhousing a custom aluminum one is being built for my application. I’m not sure regarding the starter Ive had big block Ford and ZF and though it’s a tight fit no trimming was necessary. 
I will get pictures info and pricing 

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