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Mr. Borruso,
You may want to bring your pantera to the Kalamazoo MI upcoming Ferrari and others meeting coming up at Gilmore in May! I will try to attend with my (not yet finished restoration) pushbutton. I just learned of the event today. Of course that goes to anyone else who wants to join.
#1329 PB

Michigan Ferrari Club Event
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Saturday, May 21st


10:30 AM -- Bill Parfet's Northwoods Private Car Collection Tour
6924 Sheffield Road, Hickory Corners, MI

NOTE: The Northwoods Collection, among other collector vehicles, currently has three Ferrari's including: Nicholas Cage's former 1967 275 GTB/4; 1973 365 GTB; & 1990 F-40

12:30 PM -- Gilmore Car Museum Ferrari Show and MuseumTour
6865 W Hickory Rd, Hickory Corners, MI
(Club members use main entrance for displaying vehicles in the Ferrari section)

6:30 PM -- Dinner at Bravo! Restaurant & Cafe
5402 Portage Road, Portage, MI (across from Kalamazoo Airport)


Sign-up & event payment (no later than May 14th) to Ferrari Club of Michigan, 750 West Long Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. Address questions to: Jim Pawlak at or 248-705-5219
Hi Robert,
Thanks for chiming in with this. I too heard the odd noise, and you tip resulted in me putting up on the hoist and pushing on the bottom of the pan. Sure enough....the noise changes and I can feel the crank hitting the pan. It looks like someone tried to make clearance with a hammer...but wasn't exactly successful. Thanks again.

Anyone got an aftermarket deep pan they want to unload... Wink
Hi guys... been a while, need to get some updates posted.

I purchased an NOS Milodon pan and pick up (they are no longer available... so got lucky). It is fully gated. I like the design and quality. Nice piece. However, in doing the install (you all know what's coming next... ;-) I didn't want to pull the engine, so fabricated a removable cross member.

I still need to trim the long ends which hand down below the frame, but ran out of time on the day of the project. I'll take care of that when she comes apart for restoration.

Since then.... well....still working on wearing out the tires I have about 300 miles on her now (well...the odometer shows that, but don't forget about the previous sentence). Much of that was in drift...LOL. I really am enjoying her. She "tram lines" a bit on roads with heavy tire wells but think it has a lot to do with the existing wear on the front tires (don't forget..they are from 4042), I need to balance the front tires and will swap out the radiator for an aluminum one I have, to keep the temp on she gets up around 230* in heavy traffic Eeker . Other than than..all is good. She runs like a beast jacked up on a triple espresso... I love it... Big Grin
Hi Rocky,
Nope, didn't change the pump. Took it apart, it looked good inside...brand new looking in fact. So, I put on the aftermarket pick up, new pan, 50w oil....and put it back together. All seems good so far, even at 230*. So, think it was a combination of the original p/u and pan.

Yep total blast, self control seems to go out the window just need to keep from getting arrested... Thumbs Up! camping season is over...time to get crackin again...

I decided she needed got in touch with Mr. McCall and picked up some fiberglass pieces for the front.

1) Do any shaping necessary before installing mounting bolts, so you can fit to the body contour.
2) Welded some 1/4-20 carriage bolts to a metal strip to keep them parallel to each other and glassed them in.

3) Paint..install

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Hey Garth...
You are so right...!! I'm going crazy... Here's the back story. Last fall I decided to move out of a sub and onto acreage so I could have my dream barn/workshop. So...Q3/Q4 of 2017 was home improvement/prep for listing. Moved in Feb 2018.. wow!! Moving a shop of 17yrs of accumulated "sh_t"! That was a task. So the cars are packed like sardines in a can. Have only managed to get 6001 out twice all season. Barn is almost done..should be wrapped up by end of Nov. Shop set up should be in Dec. Target is to be up and functional over Christmas break. Let's see how it goes....

Thanks for not forgetting about me man. Nice to feel the luv.. Thumbs Up!
Congratulations Rob,

We moved to the country 8 years ago and I just finished my workshop/garage. Mine is 32x42 which seemed HUGE on paper (and when it was empty) but I still need the house garage to put a car plus the daily drivers. I look forward to seeing how yours turned out.


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