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Hi Cliff, I am only waiting on putting the engine back in for mock up. I have most of it done. The only thing I am waiting on is the gussets to mount the round tube with bushings to the trans plate. These are the latest photos:

I have a list of things I am doing. I have a number of things I will be doing before I get to that point.

Are you looking to do the conversion? Hall and other shops do offer a a conversion package. What I like about the one I did was it really beefs up the sway bar area and I have mounting nuts in the top of other things.

Sorry for not responding sooner but work has been very demanding. In answer to you question of if I plan on doing the conversion, (transaxle side mount conversion) the answer is yes. I like your version because as you stated "it really beefs up the sway bar area: Please keep up the excellent work and the pictures coming. Hopefully before long I am still be able to start back on my cat, still acquiring parts, patterns and equipment.

Well I have about finished my "Spring List" which means pretty shortly I should be hot after it again. We did some landscaping, tilled up a side yard we pulled trees form last year, planted about a 1/2 acre of grass, added trees, sealed the concrete, pulled the engine from the MGB fixed a few things, put it back, made some suspension changes on the MGB for the better, painted the rims on the Trans Am (more work then that sounds), got a new job flying jets, and I have checked a dozen other things off the list.

The Pantera has made it's way back to the top of the list. I am leaving for a trip but when I get back I hope to be back in the groove on it.

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