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AHHHH... The hood is largely done! Ok, I could tweak a few things but I'll do that during paint prep. Air duct is done and I think worked out quite well. Rad mounts pretty much done. I had to re-enforce the tabs on the side of the Fluidine but They are good!

Next step suspension. Working toward making close measurements of the suspension so I can make changes to both a-arms and steering raq (power steering). In order t do so I built a jig which mounts to the car. This has allowed me to make very close measurements of the suspension:

Well.......I am playing a bit here......

I wanted to feed data from the engine back to the computer to data log and tune....and play. It's what we do as a hobby right.

I have USB analog readers which I am working to read the following data from a variety of chips:

4-O2 sensors
Manifold Press
Throttle Position
Timing Advance
Intake air temp
Water Temp
Oil Temp
Fuel Pressure

The program I am writing will display and data log values.

It originated from wanting to display EGT and O2 since I am pulling off the CHI single intake and going to the 4-Webbers.

The initial crcuits are cumbersome but I will likelly get a circuit board etched in the future and put it in a portable unit I can take in the car.

Some of the information is also working into self contained units which can be stand alone sch as RPM, Advance, etc which could be displayed on a box as the car is driven.

Not sure where it is all going. Playing as much as anything. Pretty cool to see gauges change on the laptop as values change though.

Used the mock up to make precise suspension measurements. Put all the dimensions in susp calc to come up with some target numbers. The pivot joints on the Power steering raq were actually better for bump steer and Ackerman then the stock raq. It actually fixed a lot of issues.

Built the beginnings of a raq mount and have the raq bolted in place. I need to re assemble the rest of the suspension and check the alignment through travel and turning to see if I indeed have the numbers I came up in the program. If not I will move the raq till I hit the sweet spot. The raq mount will double as a chassis stiffener.
Worked with the Power Steering Raq today and got it mostly placed (good enough to move on). As it is located it has 1/16 toe out in 2" bump and 3/16" toe out in 2" droop. I can get it closer but it will require either raq or upright modification which I don't need to do now.

The raq mount will double as a frame stiffener and is next.
I have been working on the circuit to display timing and timing advance. Anyone ever check advance on cylinders other then #1? I think I will make it to where timing can be checked on all cylinders for uniformity.

I may also make a simple box for cars which can display timing, advance and O2 in the cockpit which can be easily used on any car.
Good work Gary
Nice to see 1905 getting the attention it deserves.Big Grin

I have checked individual timing on a friends Snap on scope. We moved the pickup from one cylinder to another. I was also interesting to see the spark profile differences from one cylinder to another.

On my Duraspark I will have to tweak tangs on the pick up to adjust it.

MSD ( I think) makes a dist that you can adjust each cylinder independantly up to 6 degrees. I cant remember the Engine applications they make it for. It was designed for the NASCAR industry.

I read about it in Circle Track Magazine.
If I find the link I will post it.
Not that anyone cares but I am still plunging away at the computer interface to the car. I have a few more things working. Throttle position, Manifold pressure, RPM is almost there. The more I do the more there is to do to it. Ran it some again tonight trying to see where I need to go with it next. Getting everything to communicate correctly in a timely fashion is tricky. Got the wide band oxygen controllers in today.

The aluminum tubing to exit the exhaust did not work out so well. Blew them apart at idle.

Originally posted by comp2:
Brooke how uniform was the spark when your friend did his scope?

The timing was only +- 1/2 degree. This was checked on a balancer that was marked 360 degrees.
This was with a Mallory Unilite in a 428FE
What I did find however, were some new spark wires that were not working quite right.
I had two cylinders that did not scope the same.
I changed wires and it fixed it.
The engine did not have a miss or any running issues with the bad wires. If we hadn't scoped it I would not have found the problem.

Here is the link to the article I previously mentioned.
Good stuff.
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