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I am selling my 1973 Longchamp after 28 years of ownership. The car runs great and passed all technical inspections of the german TÜV without any problems. Original and clean (unspoiled) car. Repainted in 2016 in indiumgreymetallic (Mercedes-Benz). The car is advertised at: Oldtimer & Youngtimer kaufen und verkaufen - Classic Trader ( and for more pictures and details please check the auction : De Tomaso Longchamp Longchamp (

If you have any further questions please contact me directly (PM).IMG-20201016-WA0000ok


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Rocky, Very tempting lol

On a serious note I wonder what the hoops are required for importing this? CA doesn't require smog checks for 1975 and older vehicles so this would be exempt.  When my Dad imported our Bora in 1977 we had to put CATS on it to pass federal emissions regulations (couldn't get it to run clean enough any other way), add rear bumper shocks and a few other items.

Things have changed-- cars older than 25 years needs neither DOT and older than 21 years, no EPA. Geez, anything before the mid 90's rolls straight in. California, I don't know. But no more of the nonsense from those Reagan years with 5mph bumpers to save Countachs in parking lot bumps, no more 'lifetime exemption' in the name of your adopted grandson...Lee


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