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Hi friends,

I’ve decided to look for a new home for 2814.  I’m making room in the garage for a new ride.

I bought this car in 2017, sourced from this very forum.  It was a California car, with a restoration completed in 2016.  The restoration included an engine rebuild, QA1 coilovers, bushings, clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, shifter, switches, steering wheel, brakes, carpets, seats, alternator, Fluidyne radiator, Spaal fans, u-joints, starter, hoses, water pipes, windshield, wiper motor and Dynamat insulation.

The car was originally lime green.  Now it’s a pearlescent orange, which really lights up in the sunlight.  See pic below with a matching Murcielago (not mine).

Mileage shows as 37100.  The engine is pretty stock, though I put a Holley 750 carb on it.  I converted the A/C to R134 with a Sanden compressor a few years ago.   I installed Ipsco's idler pulley and water pump pulley.  I also put in the Pantera Electronics fuse panel and fan controller, upgraded the headlights to Vintage Car LEDs, and added an emergency hood release.

The car is in Rhode Island if anyone would like to view it.  Please send me a private message if you are interested—happy to talk price with a potential buyer, just trying not to muddy the waters in case I wind up listing it elsewhere.





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Love the color but also like the time green.  A price would help.  If you would take 30k, your would have 100 serious buyers.  If you said 125k you probably would not have many.  If you don't want to answer the same question over and over, please post an expectation you want.  I have 7 cars but with my addiction I would take another.  Strike that last statement.  I have 7 panteras.  Way to many cars to count. 

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