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The first photo is what's referred to as a 'dog bone' filter (Holley 64280 Powercharger is the usual variant), in street motor testing with a riser plate and larger filter elements (like in the photo) on the end it didn't lose any HP and is perfectly adequate for your average street motor. In the video these guys are chasing 750HP and yes at those air volumes the filter is going to make more of a difference.

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Dear Bell,

           FWIW, years ago Space City Panteras hosted a Dyno Day.  In their testing, the Holley Dogbone air cleaner was the only one that did not lose HP and, IIRC, actually gained a bit of power.  I was surprised.

           Recently, a friend had a 351C professionally built and dyno tested.  He had a Holley Dogbone and I related the tale of the Space City findings.  So, after the standard dyno test and tuning, the engine made 447 HP.  Then dyno test with the Holley Dogbone in place showed a stunning 20 HP gain with the top end at 467HP.  I was very, very surprised.  The engine builder could not explain it, but did say that such unexpected phenomena happen once in a great while.

            I think it is very interesting that the two dyno tests with the Holley Dogbone both show positive findings.  My friend enjoyed the engine, Holley dogbone and the 4000 mile round-trip drive to the Fun Rally this year.  There is *something* about those darn dogbones.

                  Warmest regards, Chuck Engles

The various answers on possible power loss come from the original dogbone body's flat top and the too-low internal clearance from air cleaner body to the carb inlet. By adding a 1/2" (or more) ring spacer, the clearance is then such that air can better make the 90 degree turn into the carb mouth. Same thing happens to a std air cleaner with a non-sculptured top & too little carb clearance.

Without a riser as originally built, there was often as much as a 40 bhp drop on a dyno. Second, there were at least three manufacturers of these things and no one's compared the internal clearance on all three, to my knowledge. The original dyno tests kind of killed the market for Panteras, even though a simple ring spacer later corrected the problem. I've seen a couple of high-horse Panteras with the engine screen cut out around a taller dogbone.

I loved all the comments and knowledge. Thanks for the posting and input!

I am starting on my #5794 ground up, that is currently on the rotisserie ready for bead blasting. In the next few long months, I will be checking out all the depths of wisdom from this team of members. Side Note: I have been trying to sign up with ProVoMo but to no avail? I cant get logged onto the website? Anyone out there can help?

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