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This car has some interesting timeline features...  they say it's a 1969 but it has the floor mounted Ebrake, the ignition on the column, a WTF A/C system, dash switches up high, a claimed 289 w/ 302 stamped on the engine and 4 headlights...   take a look at the bellhousing...  no mount for the smog pump or alternator...  doesn't appear to be sawed off either...


It's on a live auction now:

it's also listed on Dyler for $236k



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Beautiful car, but the description etc make me smile!    All that work to restore the brakes, address the hand brake issues, and it still requires a wheel chock to hold it in position for pictures???? Hmmmm..... 

Clutch disc is on it's final legs?????   Didn't the engine get pulled and replaced? No new clutch needed at this time!? Musta put some hard miles on it while it was in the museum??? 

It appears that many bits were updated.....AC condensor fan appears to be like later cars, or Panteras.  AC pump is some sort of off the shelf solution, rotary.

The steering column is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps it went along with the "in dash AC vent" style.....perhaps an exercise by the factory to try something different....a peek into the future?

Perhaps this is one of those cars that got shoved off to the side during be finished much later?    Dates on windows could reveal more?

I didn't look for the reinforced ladder bar, or the frame braces to the side panels of the engine compartment, both "later" features....far beyond 820.....

Or it could be the results of more cooks than necessary to restore a Goose!!!

Still, I'd drive it!!!!


Interesting, as stated in the ad the car was early in it’s life in Halifax. I met the gentleman who maintained it.  He claims the original owner owner a gentleman’s club. The history of the car is quite abridged as I recently did a history search and found the car spent time in Ontario Canada with at least 10 owners between 1981 and 2007.  There are late features on the car as stated: floor mounted ebrake, in column ignition, rear defrost, late dash version.  The car did spend time at PI and from what can be seen, the ac was replaced (R134 Rotary style, Pantera condenser, under dash evaporator). Yes it has the rear side gussets braces.

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...Lots of pictures on Provamo for this car---beautiful car, really peculiar on the chassis number and build date but not unique as an anachronism--8ma998 is nearly as flukish, with floor mounted brake and rear window defroster...On provamo, the chassis is only shown stamped on the "Mobile Oil" plate in the frunk (and yeah, stamping on that plate may have been a Euro requirement, which matches this car that has no rear marker lights and no smog pump). And So peculiar---or maybe not such a stretch, just another frame that was 'far from the door' and ended up in Germany...Lee

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a few "interesting" comments:

"Early Mangustas had single flip up headlights before a twin headlight configuration, better suited to the car’s pure yet aggressive styling, became standard."

"The inside is roomy and will accommodate most drivers comfortably"

"Visibility is excellent"

I agree with Steve on the clutch bit...  who the hell replaces an engine and doesn't check/replace the clutch?

it'll be interesting to see if it sells


..well bought, it seems...! Denis, I see the comment of a friendly offer by a certain Canadian who knows the history of the car... But curious, is that how the parking brake under the car looked in the German cars?

(ps. got a giggle on the use of quotation marks in Dear Mr "Vito de Tomaso"...)


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Yes, I did (by some strange coincidence) research this particular VIN a few months ago in our Ministry of Transport database as according to Provamo this car had “started” it’s life in Halifax, Canada.  Well it turns out it was only one stop of many.  The car appears very clean but represents several idiosyncrasies.  The seller’s representative happens to be Marc Sonnery (the gentleman who wrote the upcoming Mangusta book). I reached out to him to share my thoughts and information but did not want to disrupt the actual auction, thus the comment after sale.

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