That car was sold out of my back yard. It had god awful orange seats, side panels and aftermarket steering wheel. It had a few other minor altercations but was otherwise stock.

Looks like after fixing those details it has raised the asking price tremendously. I think it was a real smart deal on the sellers part.

It show how a few changes on an extremely low mileage and extremely stock car can kill the value.

I hope he gets what he's asking. It's a nice car!
Crooks. Other than going to see cars in person or have PPI done, may be good practice to ask such sellers to take a specific photo of a particular part of the car that you want to see and see what happens...crickets or excuses result I suppose. I feel neglected, no one runs scams on mine.
Everyone knows your cars too well for them to be believable, Jan. FWIW, this kind of s... is another reason why I started recording wrecked Nor-Cal Pantera serial numbers way back in the early '80s. The primary reason of course was the magical reappearance of scrapped cars as 'bondo sculptures' with clean titles, similar to ones pictured on the forums.
This is yet another reason why joining together as a community, and sharing information is so valuable. The concept of Fred Matsumoto, John Chung, June Tuey, Tom DeMund, Andrew "Big Red" Dodd, and Tony Ward is still serving this entire world wide community of owners today. These benefits are why I feel so strongly that Panera International must go on to serve all of us, they are among the motivations behind the work Debbie and I do.

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