Peter the Boss 351 crankshaft damper is a collector's item, worth more than $1000 USD, highly sought by someone restoring a Boss 351 Mustang. So they are over-priced. The ring was made of iron, and the hub was made of nodular iron. They are also 45 years old, the rubber isolation ring shall not be as resilient as it was when it was new, so the damper will not perform as well as it should.

You can acquire a new damper made 100% of steel that performs as well as the Boss damper did when it was new, and save money. Steel is heavier and tougher than iron. Something to consider.

The D1ZX is the '71 Boss balancer. The D2ZX is the '72 HO balancer. People try to sell the D2 as a Boss but if you are restoring a '71 Boss you want the original production line part, the D1.

As near as I can tell, there were a number of '71 Boss parts that were only available on the original production enginge. The balancer is one of them.

The D2ZX functionally is the same balancer but is a substitute for the D!ZX. To a restorer it is not as valuable and it was the Ford Service part. It's much more common yet still rare.

There are other aftermarket substitutes now but for looks alone, the "Boss" is the heftiest looking.



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Folks please notice this "want-ad" was originally posted in October 2016. GT4 Peter may no longer be in the market for a damper.

The old Boss dampers certainly have extreme value to owners and restorers of R code equipped Mustangs. BUT due to the rubber in its construction any damper more than 20 years old cannot be trusted to perform at the level it was originally designed to perform at. AND the timing marks on an unbonded  20 year old damper cannot be trusted for timing an engine either (the R code engines were the only 335 series engines equipped with fully bonded dampers).

If anyone is in the market for a NEW damper for a high performance 335 series engine you may want to consider PowerBond's p.n. PB1082SS “fully bonded” steel race damper; made in Australia, SFI approved. $215 at Summit Racing … available for shipping today as they say.

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