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Here is the question.. there are vents to get air into to cabin.. theoretically.. warm or outside air or A/C cold..

but usually cars have a venting system that, for example you close the door let the “trapped” air escape… surely you saw vents in the rear of the doors towards the door-jam or behind the sides in the rear of the body, hidden behind the bumper…

so, where is that feature on the Pantera cabin?

I’m just wondering if you want to add cold air to the inside the air present in the cabin has to go somewhere… if not, there won’t be much cold air coming in!

just a few incidental air leaks won’t do the trick…



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Hall Pantera used to make a kit for exactly that purpose. It consisted of a rectangular grill that installed in the lower, rear of the door panel and another one on the rear portion of the door, in the jamb. Both grilles were OEM from some other car. It was supposed to let air flow through the cabin. I don't think they sell it anymore. Most of us just use the window for flow-through ventilation.

@rene4406 posted:

There have been several versions but in my #4406 I looked everywhere and there is NEITHER air inlet NOR outlet, the fan recycles the interior air. I think the only solution to prevent fogging is to leave a window slightly open.

That explains why I didn’t find anything either..#4679    The grill in front of the windshield is just to cover the wiper mechanism, I did try to see if there was an inlet but couldn’t see anything. That recess has quite big water drains..

In later Pantera's ('74 on), there is an opening (tube) in the cavity below the wiper grill. The tube is located on the far right side of this opening, so rainwater can't fall directly into it. The tube is installed so the upper end is about 1" higher than the bottom of the cavity, so if water were to get into the cavity, it wouldn't flow into the tube. There is then a flapper valve attached to the heater/A-C unit, controlled by a cable, to give you control over fresh air or recirculated air in the cabin. TBS, there is still nowhere for air to exit, other than out an open window.

Gary Hall had the right idea but his vent kit eliminated the door jamb light, which most potential customers didn't want to do.   

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DBC89CC8-1FF9-4DB6-B7E7-D8579FDBC91C28F402CC-8F35-4EA8-BA9A-DFBFAB2C999BThe previous owner of my car had purchased the hall ventilation kit. It’s kind of hard to see in the picture but behind the armrest is a louvered panel. The kit included a large vent in the door jam that would remove a large portion of metal where the door jam light is. Fortunately he did not install that part. He removed the door jam light and used the hole for the vent then replaced the light with a smaller one as you can see in the picture. I’m not sure how much air moves through this setup, if any.


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I crack the passenger window an inch or two to get a little circulation at highway speed if needed. I only drive when there’s no chance of rain. Living in So Ca. That’s most of the time. During canyon runs, one or both windows are all the way open. 
Speaking of windows, I installed the Vader window setup. Way worth the money, the windows open and close much faster and the windows go all the way down, no more 3/4” of glass sticking up. Much lighter too.

Well, I am letting air in now

drilled 1.5” hole to the right of the drain pipe

stand off tube going up into the void to keep water out ( working on a screen for it that can be removed from the inside to clean)


4” aluminum disc with flange, off center to clear A/c tubes … all components are glued with 3M window polyurethane glue in place


the disc with the off center flange is getting glued in the end of the fan …

(after I clean the mess…)


the fan assembly is 4 of those “fan drums” and this one only gets outside air… that’s the theory… Let’s see how it works…


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