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Hi Simon, I just put the above effort reduction pieces  with complete rebuild of the pedal box,  etc.  But, I also have a long throw slave which increases the pedal effort so kind of offsets the "advantage". My set up is perfectly adjusted with correct clearance and correct EVERYTHING and as many have said, the original system was very much at the limit for nice release. So, after going back and forth with experiments on the stock and then the long throw slave, I played it safe and kept the long throw.  But you probably know this stuff already!!

IMG_3434I am working on pulling my pedal assembly out, and will be machining the four main cast pedestals for 20 mm ID needle bearings.

I also have needle bearings for the clutch effort reduction kit linkage, and for the accelerator pedals.

I’m doing this as a project through my community college, so I’m getting access to the mill that I need to machine out the bearing pockets.

I would assume the cross shaft is this main shaft that transfers the clutch pedal across the top of the pedal box to the effort reduction linkage..  I would assume a judiciously drilled hole in four locations might help the shaft move more smoothly…


No, this is not my pedal assembly, but a representative one that I’m using to evaluate the amount of work to be done…. I still have to pull mine out of the car…


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